J&O Fabrics Top 10 Fabric Recycling Centers

Doing a bit of spring cleaning and finally ready to purge some of your unwanted fabric but don’t know where or how to start? No worries, we’ve searched out some organizations helping to play their part in saving Mother Earth from overcrowded textile landfills by providing fabric recycling centers in their communities and nationwide. Use them as a platform to get you out the starting block. While some places offer cash in exchange, others simply offer the satisfaction of knowing your undesirable textiles will stay out of landfills as they find a new home and purposeful work to fulfill.


1. DONATE YOUR SCRAPS TO PLACES LIKE SCHOOL ART PROGRAMS OR CHILDREN’S MUSEUMS. Fabric scraps are great for collages and small hand sewing projects.

2. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL CRAFT AND QUILTING GUILDS. They are often a good source for those looking for just what you are purging and can assist in connecting the dots.

3. DONATE TO YOUR LOCAL THRIFT STORES, GOODWILL, CREATIVE REUSE DEPOTS, FABRIC RECYCLING CENTERS, AND SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES. With eco-conscious consumerism on the rise, more and more organizations are joining the movement to reduce and recycle each day.

4.  SELL ON VARIOUS RETAIL PLATFORMS LIKE POSHMARK AND REBAGGbut be careful…though they mostly cater to clothing and apparel, you may just wind up finding a few great fabric buys there too and defeat your purpose. ;)

In addition to the usual thrift stores, there are a growing number of Creative Reuse, Fabric recycling centers and Sustainability initiatives designed specifically with your textiles/sewing room stash in mind. Below is a list of such places and organizations popping up nationwide.


* Though we strive to keep fabrics out of landfills by reupholstering and assisting DIYers, at J&O Fabrics we also accept selected fabric donations in yardage bolts. Call us today for more information @ 856-663-2121



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