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Originating out of Istanbul, Turkey and one of the leading manufacturing mills for window dressings and trim, Trimland is making a name for itself  with their versatile, eye-catching selection of trims and funky string curtains for home, work, or play.

Available in more than 500 assorted styles, colors and specifications, their curtains come in made-to-measure customized widths of between 30-500 cm and heights between 45-1100 cm allowing the imagination to dictate just how creative you may want to be with your design vision. With their easy to hang options even the novice do-it-yourself-er can turn an ordinary space into an EXTRA-ordinary experience.



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Trimland string curtains can be secured by the following methods:

  • Curtain Rods – with a diameter of up to 30mm tightly
  • Curtain Tracks – complementary plastic hooks are supplied to use with curtain tracks
  • Loop & Hook Tape – tape is already positioned on the curtain so it is ready to hang
jandofabrics trimland

Trimland’s Collection of String Curtains all possess the following properties :

  • Inherently and permanently flame retardant
  • Self-extinguishing and flame retardant properties embedded in the molecular structure of the polyester yarn
  • Filaments used are recyclable and non-toxic
  • Superior colour fastness due to dope dyeing process, inherently coloured
  • Superior wash fastness
  • Eco-friendly; Green sustainable production processes
  • Easy care
  • No finishing agents
  • 100% polyester
  • recyclable
jandofabrics trimland string curtains

Courtesy Trimland

Trimland’s specialized finishing process is unlike any other. Polyester used is inherently and permanently flame retardant and anti-microbial yarn is manufactured using nanotechnology. Its active ingredients including silver ion nano-particles are added during the extrusion process and thus incorporated into the filaments. During this unique process the nano-particles are uniformly distributed inside the yard to achieve maximum stability.
Included as well is a process called dope dyeing. This is a process of introducing dye into the molten plastic or solution from which yarns are produced to manufacture colored yarns rather than the usual white ones. During the additive production and dope dyeing processes less water and energy are used than in the process of yarn dyeing.
Combining the flame retardancy and use of silver ion with the dope dyeing process allows the mill to achieve a product with superior performance properties compared to yarn produced with traditional dyeing and finishing techniques which are not permanent. Due to its presence of antimicrobial silver ions that inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, this product is also considered bacteriostatic.

Good for use in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, playhouses, galleries, museums, entertainment places as well as use as room dividers and wall decor, string curtains offer a quick and easy decorative tool that can truly transform a space in more ways than one.


jandofabrics string curtains

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Inspired yet?

No need to make a trip all the way to Turkey to get your made-to-order string curtains delivered straight to your door. Just stop right into J&O Fabrics or simply give us a call. We look forward to servicing you and providing you just the right addition to your selected decor.

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