J&O Fabrics First 20 Sewing Tips of the Day.

Just about a month ago J&O Fabrics started posting our “Sewing Tip of the Day” on our Facebook page. Below you’ll find our first twenty posts.

20. If you are going to work with cotton knits that are NOT preshrunk, remember to wash first otherwise you will surely loose inches on your yardage.

19. Keep a magnet near by, if needles
and pins drop on the floor, it’s a quick pick up!

18. Try a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door to your sewing room (if you have one)

17. If you switch from a metal to a plastic bobbin, you may also have to readjust your tension settings since the plastic bobbins are lighter and have a different friction coefficient.

16. When it comes to fabric, cheaper isn’t always better. Shop for quality first, and make it worth your hard earned money.

15. Use a Design board or sketch book before sitting down to create!

14. Save all of your hand sewing, buttons etc. for a beautiful day. Then take advantage of it and sew outside!!

13. Keep your rotary blade and scissors sharp! Keep them for fabric only!

12. 2 is always better than 1! I have a wonderful Singer and a second one for backup ’cause you never know when you will need it!

11. Use Silamide thread for extra strength when attaching buttons.

10. New project? New needle!

9. Find your “space” and keep it your own. What are your must have’s in your workspace? Mine = music.

8. When the sewing gets tough, take a break. Seriously. Less stress means more fun & less mistakes!

7. Measure twice, cut once….and save yourself the headache!

6. Fray Check works wonders on frays or a small hole in knit fabric, like a Tee   Shirt. Instead of using the drip spout, try a small brush. More control, less waste.

5. Always take the extra time to CAREFULLY clip your seam allowance around curves.

4. Never under estimate the power of pressing with a Dressmakers Ham!

3. The color green inspires creativity, vibrates with our heart/soul chakra, and symbolizes harmony. Keep it somewhere in the midst of you when sewing or crafting to enhance your creativity!

2.Before beginning a new project on your machine always make sure to have at least two bobbins pre-wound in the color needed! Can’t think of too many things more frustrating than having to stop the creative process for something as mundane as bobbin winding!!

And our very first Sewing Tip of the Day post from April 12, 2010.

1. If you hate to gather. Try elastic thread in your bobbin.

So there you have it.

Twenty days of twenty ways to streamline the rewards of sewing.  If you would like to see our “Sewing Tips of the Day” please “friend” or “like us” on facebook.  J&O Facebook Page.  Check out our website to see our full line of fabrics including: Novelty fabric, decorative fabric, upholstery fabric, and more.

Hope you enjoy our Sewing Tip of the Day.  Let us know what you think.

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