Celebrating African Fabric Textile Contributions !



As Americans celebrate the inventions and legacies of Africans / African-Americans throughout history this month, reflections of their art, history and cultural traditions can be found in almost every aspect of our society. In recognition of their traditional African fabric textile contributions,  the J&O Family would like to take a moment to highlight some of the beautiful waxed prints and metallics available for your crafting and quilting pleasure.

Wax printing has been a tradition in Ghana, West African for decades. To this day, these beautifully depicted and intricately designed fabrics are considered prestigious and even hold a high social value in some circles. The most popular designs are often named after a particular event, significant animal or aspect of nature, or cultural symbol. An example would be Gyne Nyme, in which the design references the Adinkra symbol representing the Omnipotence of God. Wearing this cloth acts as a cloak of protection and respect for the Creator of man.
Artistically symbolic and uniquely designed on 100% cotton, waxed print cloths play an important role in daily life and have significant communicative value; indicating status or wealth and conveying messages as a means of non-verbal expression.

Traditional African textiles and dress have always carried symbolisms, and as a result, have become powerful vehicles for mass communication, ceremonial events, political stances, and social purposes as well. An example is one of our fabrics featuring the popular and sacred Ashanti Stool from Ghana, West Africa.  This cloth showcases repeated images of a metallic gold Ashanti Stool believed to contain the ‘Sunsum’-spirit or soul of the Ashanti people. For just as man cannot live without a soul, so the Ashanti would cease to exist if the Ashanti Stool were to be taken from them. The Ashanti Stool is not just sacred, it is a symbol of nationhood, a symbol that binds or unifies all Ashanti.


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These waxed prints  are worn by men, women and children alike. As the fabric has made its way into the mainstream market, it has become more common to see them used in lifestyle pieces, making them a cultural, yet fashionably stylish fabric as well. Vibrant in color with a soft subtle  shine, waxed African prints are ideal for all manner of creative textile projects. They can be seen in crafts, house decor, bedding and home accent pieces and accessories. Some are printed with a metallic accent for a more elegant look and feel.
Celebrate Black History Month all year long by bringing a little bit of African-American culture home for your next craft project today. With our African print fabrics you can go from Mt. Kilimanjaro to the Great Pyramids of Egypt with just a click and a send.

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