J&O Crafty Customer: Sylvia Nah

jandofabricsWith spring unfolding after a barren yet pretty mild east coast winter, the desire for hibernating warm-blooded mammals (people included) to dig out their warm dens, open their entrance ways, and usher in sweet-smelling Spring is already underway. From recycling old fabric and fashions, to bringing new life to outdated designs by reupholstering home furnishings and great vintage finds, spring is a season of transformation and renewal…J&O Style! With this in mind, we thought we’d take a moment to showcase one of our crafty customers’ more recent revitalizing projects she actually did for a co-worker who was expecting her first child. Check out her reupholstered rocker project below, then check out our selection of upholstery fabrics and tapestries both great for adding a whole new look and attitude to your home decor.

A seamstress who’s been sewing since the tender age of 14 and now runs a mobile sewing business catering to the Trenton, NJ and surrounding areas, Sylvia Nah heeded to the call of a co-worker expecting the arrival of his first child by reupholstering a donated rocker and ottoman. The gently used necessity needed a complete recovering but Sylvia wasn’t sure what pattern or color scheme to go with. So she sent the co-workers wife to J&O ’s website where she stumbled on and completely fell in love with the Dots and Daisy print. Sylvia purchased 3 yards of the flirty retro floral Chartreuse and went to work. Though a slightly lighter fabric than typically used for reupholstery jobs, the 100% cotton tested durable enough for the light wear and tear that it would experience in the days of cooing, coddling and nursing that would come.

To make the project complete, the father-to-be painted the nursery and refinished the chair to match the soft appealing colors. With the remnants left over from the chair, Sylvia made a blanket combining the daisy print with a blue polar fleece. Nursery complete, the parents to be were ready to welcome their new addition…a son!

jandofabrics, sylvia nah


jandofabrics, sylvia nah



*To check out more of Sylvia Na’s crafts, check out her blog page :  http://syl-letitbesew.blogspot.com/

*To check out our complete selection of cotton novelty prints, click on the link:         http://www.jandofabrics.com/categories.asp?id=4


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