J&O Celebrates National Jewish-American Heritage Month

May is National Jewish-American Heritage month and though customer demand has temporarily diminished our selection of popular Judaic fabrics, we are pleased to offer a large selection of Kosher food and spirits printed fabrics for use in crafting and quilting projects not only during the month of May, but year round.

Select from properly harvested and inspected apples, avatiah (watermelon), zayit (olives), betzalim (onions), bikkurah (figs), mehren (carrots) and a whole lot more with confidence that our produce is free of pests (aside from a grasshopper or cricket here and there) and falls under the dietary protocol of the kashrut. Even the lamb is prepared by a shochet using kosher utensils to ensure proper preparation.
Guaranteed fresh everyday, our kosher selection can be found in the colorful fabric isles of our brick and martyr, or right on line at http://www.jofabrics.com/. Your special cuisine during Rosh Hoshanna, Passover and Yom Kippur will never taste as good as when you use ingredients straight from J&O Fabrics; so stop in and pick up your fresh produce selection today!

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