J&O Celebrates National Autism Awareness Month!

April is National Autism Awareness Month, a time when special attention is given to this fascinating yet challenging neurological dis-ease affecting more and more children each year. Once viewed by society as a disorder of the mind, and a form of either mental retardation or schizophrenia, researchers and psychologists are discovering more about the nature of the dis-ease and dismantling the falsehoods of what was once believed. Still somewhat of a mystery, access to the world-wide web has proven to be a great benefit not only to those who are challenged by the dis-ease themselves, but caretakers, parents and society overall.

Yet with all the research and findings, the increase in recorded cases reminds us that the answer to its cause and impending cure, are still blowing in the wind. It is because of this, that J&O Fabrics has chosen our Autism Awareness Puzzle fabric for the fabric award of the week! Show your support by purchasing a yard or two, sporting your colorful ribbons, badging your blogs or flashing on Facebook. For any dis-ease, education is the key.

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