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Originally observed in commemoration of the Mexican army’s triumphant victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in Mexico on May 5, 1862, generations later,  Cinco de Mayo has come to be known not only as a liberating feat for Mexico, but for the sustaining richness of its culture and celebration of artisan craftsmanship as well.  From their popular clay pottery, vibrant designs, and embroidered cotton garments to their wool shawls, colorful baskets and rugs, their hand-crafted items are just a few of the cultural creations associated with Mexican art. In celebration of the elaborate designs and artistry of Mexico,  J&O offers an array of dress fabrics, southwestern prints, and colorful trim to make your Cinco de Mayo festivities a memorable one.



Celebrated stateside with parades, parties, mariachi music, Mexican folk dances, traditional foods and more, Cinco de Mayo connects present with past in every twirl of the Zapateado dancer’s colorful costume and strum of the traditional Vihuelas.


Popular Mexican folk dress includes a long circular skirt that can either have a lot of detail, such as elaborate hand-embroidered flowers, or be plain, with only a little lace in the edges. Most of the dresses are adorned with a chal (shawl) that is used in place of a sweater.


Escaramuza style dress. Lace by J&O Fabrics

Their traditional escaramuza style dress is worn in several different Mexican states where the Mexican style rodeo known as charreada is popular. It involves women, dressed in long-sleeved shirts and long circular skirts decorated with colorful strips of ribbon, performing intricate routines on horseback. Often reenacted in local Cindo de Mayo festivities, these horseback riding women are not only talented but beautifully adorned.


Another traditional style is the China Poblana. It originates from the city of Puebla in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, where the Battle of Puebla was waged on Cinco de Mayo. In this ensemble, the blouse has fringe and is embroidered with silk, beads, and flowers in bright colors. A long A-lined skirt is decorated with sequins and embroidery.


Sombrero hand-made in Mexico. Southwest themed cotton at J&O fabrics


Beautifully woven placemats of wool and cotton take on a modern twist and unique pattern design per the creativity of its individual weavers, as colorful poncho’s reflect a similar marrying of skill and personality.


Mexican Poncho. Woven fabric by J&O

However you recognize the holiday, let J&O fabrics bring your own colorful flair with festive fabrics…one fabulous find at a time!







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