J & O Fabrics: the place you can go when Wal-Mart stops selling fabric

Wal-Mart has initiated what it is calling a national pilot project by closing the fabric centers in many of its stores across the country. Many of Wal-Mart’s fabric-buying customers are upset at the decision; the convenience and prices that attracted them to Wal-Mart are now gone for the foreseeable future.

The impact on the retail fabric industry

Nevertheless, there are those that stand to benefit from Wal-Mart’s decision. Industry analysts estimate that up to $540 million in annual sales could be channeled to other fabric retailers. A portion of the sales that were formerly Wal-Mart’s could find their way back to smaller fabric stores and encourage their resurgence. Consumers may rediscover the unquantifiable benefits often found at smaller shops, such as higher levels of customer service and knowledge.

Furthermore, the void left in the fabric retail market by Wal-Mart’s withdrawal is certain to be filled with innovative online fabric retailers. This possibility seems very likely as an ever-growing number of consumers discovers the convenience of shopping online. In addition to convenience, online shopping opens up a much more extensive fabric inventory for the perusal of quilters and sewing enthusiasts.

Customer response to our earlier Wal-Mart post

When we first heard that Wal-Mart could potentially be eliminating their fabric departments, late last year, we issued a post detailing some of the questions both we and our customers had. Since that time, Wal-Mart has initiated said pilot project much to the chagrin of many quilters and sewing enthusiasts. Here is what some of them said in response to our earlier post:

One anonymous customer “wrote”: “Since they are the only fabric store in my area I AM OUTRAGED!!!! (emphasis theirs).

Another reader vented: “The manager of the Wylie, Texas Wal-Mart told me today they are definitely closing the fabric department and that most other Wal-Mart stores in the area are closing their fabric dep[artments] too.

In response to this development many customers have taken to writing letters of protest or initiating petition drives, while others have begun to look for alternative retailers.

What J&O Fabrics is doing

In light of Wal-Mart’s growing withdrawal from retailing fabric, many consumers have been left to look for a new resource from which to purchase their fabrics. What all too many consumers don’t realize is that the most convenient alternative for all types of fabrics is J&O Fabric’s online fabric store: www.jandofabrics.com.

At J&O Fabrics, we hope to be able to help fill the void left by Wal-Mart’s vanishing fabric departments. Far from being an ancillary concern of ours, fabric is our primary business and we continually strive to have the widest possible selection of designer and discount fabrics in a variety of styles available to our customers.

In a recent post we detailed some of the measures we are taking to enhance the shopping experience of our customers. Within the next few months you will discover at J&O Fabrics a completely new way to shop for fabrics online. The innovations we are in the process of implementing will put more fabrics before you than ever before.

Moreover, our selection of such essential items as trim, notions, quilted fabrics, feather boas, sewing accessories and so on is increasing as well, so that with one online stop you will be able to take your project from beginning to finish.

The advantages of shopping with J&O

What are the advantages of shopping with J&O now? Our company began operating over 40 years ago and has established itself as an important part of the surrounding community. Therefore, we strive to maintain the hallmarks of family businesses, namely customer service and an extensive knowledge of our products.

Furthermore, as mentioned above J&O is constantly investigating new ways to improve your online shopping experience and expand your fabric horizons.

At J&O Fabrics, we combine the family business’s emphasis on the customer with a keen eye for online innovation. In this way, we bring the tradition of the local fabric store right to your computer screen.

What you can find at J&O’s online fabric store

Tribal People Tribal People

50s Mambo Bark Cloth: Black 50′s Mambo Bark Cloth: Black

Anne Jacquard Decorative Anne Jacquard Decorative

Afternoon Serenade Toile: Red Afternoon Serenade Decorative Toile

Hooters Cotton Knit Hooters Cotton Knit

Fuchsia Sequins Fabric Fuchsia Sequins Fabric

'Lavender Lavender Tulle Fabric, 54″ Wide

Beige Felt Beige Felt

Batman Flannel Batman Flannel

Boston Red Sox Fleece Boston Red Sox Fleece

Batty Fabric: White Batty Fabric: White

Funky Design Batik Funky Design Batik

Florida Gators Fabric Florida Gators Fabric

Elvis Jailhouse Rock Fabric Elvis Jailhouse Rock Fabric

Astronaut & Space Shuttles Astronaut and Space Shuttles

Bal Harbour Bal Harbour Outdoor Fabric

Cobalt Blue Suede Cloth Cobalt Blue Suede Cloth

Ice Cream Vendor Tapestry Ice Cream Vendor Tapestry

Guiding Lighthouse Guiding Lighthouse Upholstery

Dark Cherry Velvet Upholstery Dark Cherry Velvet Upholstery

Patent Leather Vinyl: Royal Blue Patent Leather Vinyl: Royal Blue

Orange Vinyl Orange Vinyl

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