It’s Tassel Mania Time!


Before the Industrial Revolution (18th Century), trim was called passementerie. It was made and applied by hand, thus making heavily trimmed furnishings and garments expensive and high status. Eventually machine-woven trims and sewing machines put these specialized trimmings within reach of modest dressmakers and home seamstresses. The result, by the 1930’s, applied trim lost its value and became a signifier of mass-produced clothing.  Today, though most trimmings are commercially manufactured, the creative appeal that they offer have made trims, tassels and cording highly sought after for unique one-of-a-kind creations. A compliment to any fabric project  where that ‘something extra’ makes all the difference, modern day passementeries offer the perfect touch.

Hand stitch it on, machine sew it on, even apply some trims like gimp braiding via fabric glue to complete your project. With so many colors, styles and sizes to choose from, applying passementeries to your project personalizes it and makes it unique.

j&o fabric trim collage

Have some new trim sitting in old totes, or better yet, some fancy old trim waiting to be recycled into something new? From draperies and upholstery to fashions and accessories, no project is too big or too small. Creative uses for rosettes, tassels, tie-backs, gimp braid and more can span the expansion of your imagination leaving a well of inspiration to delight your creative fancies and inspire others the same.

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A beautiful decorative gimp braid  around an old  lampshade can bring it new life…


Tassels on zipper bags, shirt buttons or skirt hems can offer added fashion flavor...

Basic windows can become elaborate entrance ways to the world outdoors just by the addition of tie backs alone…

Pillows turn from plain to ‘POW!’ and recycled fringe now brings a little funkiness to once simple bed linens.

It’s Tassel Mania Time! 


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