How-To Fashion Fabric Envelopes

In today’s world of emails, Tweets and Facebook communications, the old-fashioned letter in the mail is a rare and endangered species! For the special occasions when actual physical mail is more appropriate, why not send something a bit more special, like these fabric envelopes? This no-sew craft is simple and addictive, so be prepared with a few different decorative fabrics from our online store!

Fabric envelopes

The recipient will be pleasantly surprised when they peel open this fancy envelope! Sending mail to a sports fan? Use our official NFL fabric!

You will need:

  • Envelopes
  • Decorative fabric from J&O (of course!)
  • Heat and bond adhesive paper for fabric
  • Glue stick for paper
  • Printable template

fabric envelopes

What to do:

  • Once you have received your fabric order, you are ready to go postal!
  • Print off the template for this project and cut it out carefully.
  • Also cut out a piece of heat and bond fabric large enough for the template.
  • Iron the heat and bond to the fabric
  • Allow to cool
  • Peel off the white backing and pin the template to fabric and cut out.
  • Slide the fabric into the envelope with the heat bond side down.
  • Line up with the glue on the edges of the envelope, leaving enough room to close it!
  • Finally, secure the fabric to the envelope with an iron. Be careful not to over-heat the glue, it can melt!

Pro-tip: Crease the envelope while it is still warm!

fabric crafts

fabric envelopes

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