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Most known for his TLC show Trading Spaces and his various HGTV shows including HGTV Design Star, Deserving Design, HGTV Urban Oasis, and Live in Vern’s House, as well as his columns in both HGTV Magazine and The Washington Post; international architect and interior designer Vern Yip is a sought after designer who has no intentions of slowing down. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia where he runs his Vern Yip Designs Firm, Yip continues to provide invaluable insight into creating environments that are simultaneously beautiful and functional.

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Vern Yip Collection @ J&O Fabrics

While Vern’s extraordinary technique and sophisticated style have made him the nationally acclaimed interior designer, columnist, and TV personality that he is, it is his attention to detail and use of precise, clean lined interiors that set him apart as a leading trendsetter. Prompted to launch Vern Yip for Trend Home Fabric Collection in partnership with Fabricut, Yip’s fabric and trim collection reflects the same attention to detail and design that he is known for. Available through special order at our J&O Fabrics-Summerdale Mills Home Decor Center, his textiles feature an array of precisioned geometric shapes, intricate floral prints and the infusion of cultural influences throughout his collections. When it comes to providing invaluable insight into creating environments that are simultaneously beautiful and functional, Vern has the following tips to share.

Soft Lines

Your fabric based home goods items such as decorative pillows, throws, linens, bedding, and towels add comfort and texture to an interior environment and can dramatically alter the mood and look of a room.

Bed Linens 

When making a decision surrounding bed linens, make sure to understand both thread count and the nature of the cotton fiber your sheets are made from. Bed skirts, duvets and coverlets are often subject to less wear and tear and can therefore be made with more delicate fabrics. When doing it yourself, additional  embroidery, beading or handwork can offer added charm and character.

Note: When working with a budget keep in mind that one great piece (such as an embroidered pillows) can often establish the tone for the whole bed.


Decorative pillows are an inexpensive way to update the look of a room or offer transitional looks throughout the year. They add warmth, can make a setting inviting, and offer great accent pieces to solid colored upholstered couches and chairs. When considering suitable fabric purchases for this floor pillows, keep in mind that they should measure a minimum of 30″sq to allow for sufficient surface area to rest on or comfortably sit on. Delicate external shells such as fine silks and laces should be reserved for light use applications while more durable tapestries, furs and ultra-suede’s can be used anywhere. Use of pillow forms or loose stuffing to create soft or firm composition should be considered as well, especially if intending on using for more than room aesthetics.


Fabric choice should match your lifestyle. For active households, heavy duty fabrics like microfibers, ultra-suede, mohair and leathers are a good consideration. Cotton twill, linen and silk are also popular but are less resistant to staining from food and dirt.

Sofa pillow cushions that are super soft will require extra fluffing throughout its use and offer less lumbar support. High end upholstery fabrics married with down wrapped upholstery grade foam which allows for comfortability and support is a popular compromise most home owners and decorators look for.
Soy based fillers are a more environmentally friendly alternative and can be quite comfortable as well.


Whether a cushion or mattress is soft or firm, the quality of the springs will contribute significantly to the long term life of the upholstery. An 8-way hand tied spring is generally considered the standard for a well built upholstered piece and is often substituted in less durable and less expensive items.


Better crafted furniture will have a solid hardwood frame that translates into longer endurance. Wood from sustainable forests or reclaimed wood can offer the same quality and performance as the standard kind while providing an eco-friendly alternative.

vern yip collection

Vern Yip Collection @ J&O Fabrics

Whether you are a novice seamstress looking to complete simple DIY projects on your own, or a more seasoned one ready to apply Vern’s tips and fabrics to redecorate your whole home, at J&O Fabrics we’re here to assist every step of the way.  From concept to completion, we have the fabrics, trims, craftsmen and specialists ready to meet your customized needs. With Vern Yip and J&O Fabrics, the styling ideas are unlimited.

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