Halloween Is Going To The Dogs


Pets are much more than the fuzzy things that keep our feet warm in bed at night, they are members of the family! As such, they should be able to participate in one of most exciting days of the year: Halloween. Here are some pictures of fantastic home made dog costumes to inspire those of you who are so inclined to dress up your pooches for the holiday. Our favorite costume (paws down) is the Raggedy Ann Dog. The hand-made jumper made with flower novelty fabric is beautifully done!

Raggedy Ann Dog





Droopy Moose


Old Smokey All Covered In Cheese


We were going to include pictures of cat costumes as well, but unfortunately felines are much less prone to sitting still long enough to have extra ears attached to them. Luckily, most dogs are docile enough that we can putĀ brown felt moose outfits on them. If you are dressing up your pet for Halloween, be sure to share the picture with us!


Keep an eye out for the rest of our Top Five costume series for men, women, and kids!

Ghoulish Gals

A Handsome Halloween

Little Critters

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  1. cindyd says:

    those are adorable!!!

  2. These costumes are adorable!! Very creative costumes for dogs. I agree, the Raggedy Ann Dog is by far the best! LOVE THEM! Can’t wait to see how everyone dresses up their pooch!

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