Frolic Fashionably This Fall

There are some seriously bold trends that hit the runway this fall. And when we say bold we mean daring and in highlighter colors. This is our straight forward guide to help you navigate through a sea of mismatched patterns and confusing fads.

#1: Color Blocking


A lot of shoppers are afraid to jump into this trend. Many think that the bright geometric shapes are unflattering or just downright frightening to try to pull off. Just remember that even though you are shopping for a specific look, you should still shop for your body type and not just buy pieces because they fit this style. If you are simply frightened of wearing a skirt with orange and green blocks all over it but still want to rock this look, starting out small with shoes is a good place to begin.

Key words to remember while shopping: bold, geometric, vibrant

#2: Velvet


It is not very often that fashion meets comfort, but we are glad to say that rocking a colorful velvet ensemble will get a thumbs up from the fashion forward this fall. The only problem with velvet is that unless you wear it tailored or are pencil thin, it can be very unflattering. Keep an eye out for things like blazers and trousers to avoid the fate of an ill fitting outfit.

Key words to remember while shopping: flattering, balance between soft and hard edges

#3: Lace


We are pretty sure this has blossomed from years of seeing singer Taylor Swift rock dainty lacy frocks, but the fashion world has finally started embracing intricate lace patterns. It is pretty hard to mess this one up, but there are two key mistakes that women often make when picking out lacy clothing. The first is that they pick something with way too much lace like a lace dress with lace accessories sewn on and lace patterned buttons. That is simply too much. Subtle accents are the way to go. The second is that cut the wrong way, a lace shirt or dress can make you look frumpy instead of fierce. The Above example is the perfect balance of dainty and straight edge.

Key words to remember while shopping: edgy, subtle

#4: Sheen


No, not Charlie (we are sick of hearing about him). We are talking about something like a gold charmeuse, that gives off a light shine. Super glamourous diamond studded everything has been in vogue for too long. We are big fans of this understated glamour.

Key words to remember while shopping: resist mega-glam, understated

#5: Graphic Prints


This is by far the trickiest trend right now. Matching an extremely detailed graphic skirt with an equally intricate shirt that has a totally different pattern is quite hard (even for the professionals). The key is to remember to put complimentary colors together between pieces to make your outfit cohesive. If the colors are right, you can mix whatever patterns you want.

Key words to remember while shopping: complimentary colors, mix-and-match

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave a comment and we will write back to answer your quandaries.

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