Fleece Blooms to Life: Flower Power Pillows!

Who says fleece can’t get fierce? Check out these fresh fleece flower pillow shapes and ideas ! Stock up on your fleece here and follow these simple steps to make your own bed garden!

The best part: Minimal sewing required…plenty of gooey hot glue fun!

You will need:
• Fleece. ½ yard for each color flower you wish to plant! Pro-tip: Buy a few yards of yellow and green to make the stems and centers for any flower.
• You may opt to use felt, but fleece is a bit softer
• Scissors
• Hot glue gun (Note: if you opt to glue all the petals rather than sew, it may prove challenging to wash!)
• Mr. Singer (or your Brother…machine!)
• Complimentary or matching thread

Pink pillow photos are by Laura at Come Together Kids

What to do:
• Gather the kiddos to make this a family project (This step may take the longest!)
• Cut 2 circles in the petal fleece, any size. Trace an object of your choosing for best repeat
• Sew or hot glue around the edges of the circle, leafing an opening to stuff later

• Make a bulls eye style design in the center using chalk or a fabric pen. This will help you secure the petals properly
• Stuff and sew or glue closed
• Cut out 30-60 petals (Eyeball them), depending on fluff preference, and 2 green leafs, attach to bottom of pillow
• Now it is time to glue all of the petals on, the part the kids will love because it is sticky and messy! Place them around the bulls eye markings in 2-3 separate rings, beginning with the outer edge and working in

• You can make the center of the flower any way you wish, she used small circles and pinking sheers
• Ta-da! Toss them on the beds for an instant brightener!

As you get started, more ideas will take shape:

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