Five Minute Sewing Projects

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Let’s be honest, if you’re like me you love to craft, but you might be scratching your head wondering where you will get the time? Our days are filled with work, cleaning, kid’s activities, cooking, and more work. It seems like finding a breather to sit down and sew can be far and few between. However, this year, I have determined that one of my resolutions is to sew more and stress less! I find that sewing is a great stress reliever and when I’m happy everyone else merrily goes about their day. So, even if all I can fit in is five minutes of sewing there are some pretty cool projects that can be turned out in that amount of time. Here are some fabric suggestions along with links to some soul-soothing five minute sewing projects.


GrosGrainFabulous 5 Minute Pillow TutorialI am a huge fan of vintage-style fabric, furniture and fixtures. I love anything retro and so the Jetson Guitar Bark Cloth fabric is perfect for my house. Since I can’t go out and buy new furniture at the drop of the hat to spruce up my living quarters, or pick up that vintage chair I might be drooling over I’ve found just updating my throw pillows can be a quick but noticeable makeover. While surfing the web I found a 5 Minute Simple Pillow Tutorial by GrosGrain that is just my speed.


Angry Chicken 5-Minute SkirtI love wearing skirts and this 5-Minute Skirt Pattern by Angry Chicken is a project that I can whip up in no time and with little cost. My fabric of choice is Spring Flower, just in time for the new season! (By the way, be sure to check out our novelty fabric selection for more amazing prints.) If you’re wanting a special skirt for an outing or perhaps needing to update the wardrobe a bit, this pattern is perfect for you!

Martha Stewart Felt Pencil CaseMy daughter has just started to learn how to use a needle. She is fascinated by sewing and wants to know how to do everything Mommy does. I’m so happy she is developing a love for crafting. I try to find small projects that will spark her interest and give her a wonderful sense of satisfaction when she holds the finished product. I ran across a Felt Pencil Case project that is perfect for her. She’s a girl through and through so the Shocking Pink Felt is just right.

There are so many quick sewing projects online that are free to download. Pair the project with some of the awesome fabric we offer for a real stress reliever!

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