Fascinating Fabrics: Scorching Sun Savior



We at J&O Fabrics know a thing or two about outdoor fabric. For two generations, we have been selling top quality material for all of your deck needs. We really thought we had seen it all until we heard about Sunbrealla.


This incredible fabric’s claim to fame is that it does not fade in even the most intense sun. However, that is not the only trick it has up its sleeve hem. This miracle fabric is also completely stain proof. If that wasn’t enough to win you over, Sunbrella is also a dedicated member of the green movement; all of its products are made without the excessive use of harmful toxins.


This durable fabric is not only good for covering patio furniture and awnings. It is also a favorite of big messy families for indoor upholstery and table cloths. Imagine being able to serve little kids pasta and red sauce without having to worry about bleaching (or burning) the table cloth when dinner is done. Sign me up!

Sunbrella went on the market about 50 years ago with this product. It only had  moderate popularity because of the minimal colors they sold their product in. However, due to a recent overhaul of the company, new vibrant  fabrics are now in production. Check out this product at Sunbrella’s website. Just keep in mind that this high tech material does not come without a substantial price-tag!

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