Fascinating Fabric: Simply Stunning



G2 Consulting has always specialized in lighting warning systems. However, an idea that was recently actualized by co-owner Greg Schultz might push them into a niche in the specialized clothing industry. Upon Schultz’s prompting, the Tucson, Arizona based company developed a polyester fabric that has the ability to repel the 50,000 volts that shoot out of a stun gun or cattle prod. The fabric, labeled ‘Thor Shield,’ is a thin, breathable material that contains a conductor. This means that instead of the electrical circuit going through the person that it is intended for, it goes through the material and loops back to its source.


Unfortunately, this fabric will not be on the shelves of J&O Fabric with all of our other polyester materials. G2 is only distributing their new discovery to police agencies and the military. “We’re not going to put this on eBay or anything,” said  Schultz. “This is negative in that it neutralizes their weapon, but it is positive in that it neutralizes a threat. The hope is that these extra protective lengths will protect the owner of the stun gun if it is ever turned against them.


If you want to read even more about Thor Shield, visit CNet News.

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