Fairy Tale Fabrics from Michael Miller Fabric

The fantastical elements of fairy tales and children’s stories can often be irresistible. Who can forget Cinderella’s mouse friends – Gus and Jaq – from Disney’s classic film. How fantastical were the various creatures turned into footmen for Snow White by the Fairy Godmother? Additionally, children’s stories are often set in magical places such as hidden kingdom where chivalry is still practiced and knights are sworn to honor.

Michael Miller Fabric Company has perfectly captured these elements in many of their novelty fabrics. A number of Michael Miller’s prints depict gnomes, Medieval kingdoms and fairies. These are ideal fabrics for children’s items, be they garments, crafts or quilts. J&O Fabric Store presents a few of the Michael Miller produced fairy tale fabrics:

Gnomes Forest Fabric

Handy Gnomes Fabric

Gnoming Around

Lil' Princesses Fabric

Lil' Kingdom Fabric

Petal Fairies Fabric

Traveler Gnomes Fabric

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