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Yo Yos

With the arrival of this year’s spring, it is time to begin exciting new sewing projects so that we may delight in the unfoldment and blossoming of their creation. Many of you could very well be faced with the dilemma of how to make best use of the samplings from your J and O fabric scrap compost heap, rich in the nutrients of novelty design. Others could simply be thirsting for a new avenue of application for recently acquired prints. In any case, alleviate all of your anxieties surrounding this issue for you are now being presented with the time honored solution of the yo-yo. Yes, this circular disc shaped toy used since ancient times now has the additional modern use of being a fabric crafter’s or sewer’s design element. Rather than tying and wrapping a string around a hard circular material as done with traditional yo-yos, sewers worldwide are now using their fabric and and thread to make disc-shaped flat pouch-like creations.

They can be applied in a variety of manners. Some of these include use and embellishment for sewing projects such as making quilts, interesting applique features on handbags, clothing, backpacks, etc. The powers of your imagination are really only the limit here. If you wish to acquire more information about the construction of these yo-yos, please refer to the short tutorial provided below, and also be sure not to forget to check out our new lines of novelty prints on our website which is updated daily. Have a refreshing as well as pleasant spring time and may the sewer’s knowledge of the yo-yo be with with you!

How to sew a basic Yo-Yo:

Step 1:

During this stage, you are going to be gathering up the materials needed in preparation for the yo-yo construction. You will need the following:

*Fabric – old clothing, scraps around the house, anything you can think of but it must be of medium to light weight so that the yo-yo will gather and layout smoothly

*A Circle Template – this template must be double the size of the your intended finished yo-yo, you can cut this out of cardboard, purchase a circle template at your local craft store, or use any circular object that can be found around the house such as jar or can lids, cups, bowls, etc

*Marking Tools – quilting pencils, or tailoring chalk

*Well Sharpened Scissors

*Hand Sewing Needles

*Quality Thread

Step 2:

Once you have all that you need, you will first begin by laying out your fabric. If you desire to cut multiple circles at once, it would be a good idea to layer your fabric. Next, place your circle template on top of the cloth, and then mark its perimeter with your pencil or chalk. At this point, if you intend upon cutting multiple circles, you might want to pin all of the layers together so that they remain anchored while you cut. Go ahead and cut out the circle(s).

Step 3:

It is now time to start sewing your yo-yo. Thread your sewing needle, and be sure to make a knot at the end. While working with the wrong side of the fabric toward you, begin to turn under the edge of the circle. This under turned edge should be approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inches. Insert your needle on the folded edge of the wrong side of the fabric so that the knotted end will be inside the yo-yo. Sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle, and turn it as sew stopping just short of where you began.

Step 4:

Hold the thread and needle in hand, and pull the string through to gather the circle. Gather the thread until you have an almost closed circle. Use this extra thread to knot the end stitch at the closing multiple times. Trim the thread close to the knots, and then hand press the yo-yo flat with resulting hole being in the center.

Congratulations, you have just completed your first yo yo! At this point, you may now apply your yo yo to whatever, sewing project you wish, simply leave it as is, or continue to make more of them. For those of you interested in joining multiple yo-yos together, please continue along with the below.

How to Sew Yo-Yos Together:

Step 1:

The first important thing to do it to arrange the yo-yos in a sequence that you find to be most aesthetically pleasing. This sequence can be as simple as a row of them lined up side by side or as elaborate as a lot of them used to create a variety of shapes in a pattern based on color combinations. The choice is yours, play experiment, and remember to have fun!

Step 2:

Once you have the pattern in place, begin by gathering two of the yo-yos together. Then take multiple whipstitches along one side with backstitching at start and end of the seam to help anchor it in place. You can make a knot at the at this point if you wish.

Step 3:

To attach the rest of the yo-yos, repeat step 2 by successively adding on more yo-yos until you have completed your row or pattern.

Happy Sewing!

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