Fabric Stamping Tutorial!

It is time for another round of fun with fabric! Fabric stamping is a versatile family craft that you can do with many styles and types of fabric. You can opt to purchase stamps to use, or craft some from rubber erasers. The end result is an adorable pattern that is uniquely your own!

Fabric Stamping

Fabric stamping is an entertaining family craft. Create your own wildly unique or understated prints today!

You will need:

  • Fabric. Any type you wish. Remember, you can add more to an already decorative fabric or use a plain fabric. There are no limits to creativity!
  • Stamps. A variety is more fun! Examples: cute owls, birds, modern shapes and animals
  • Crafting knife
  • Fabric paint
Creating A Fabric Stamp

Pro-tip: If you are making your own stamp, try tracing shapes onto the rubber prior to cutting it out. This will ensure a better shape and end result.

Fabric Stamping

What to do:

Practice first on paper or fabric scraps to see how it is going to appear. The rest is simple, just dip your stamp in ink and begin stamping the fabric! A clean, even surface is best to avoid mess-ups. Share your finished products with us on J&O Fabrics Facebook page!

Fabric Stamping

 You have the freedom to use any shape or animal you please with fabric stamping!

Stamped Fabric

Multiple colors add pop

Owl Fabric Stamped Purse

 Add personality to a clutch

Fabric Stamping

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