Exotic Indian-Inspired Decorator Fabrics at J & O Online Fabric Store

India encompasses many extremes: from the rain-drenched, subtropical forests of Meghalaya to the bustling urban centers of central and southern India. The influence of Indian culture is felt all over the world, even in the fabric industry.

Feel free to peruse J & O’s extensive collection of Indian-themed fabrics. These fabrics range from cotton novelty to heavy upholstery fabrics. All are high quality and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

First of all, here are some discount novelty fabrics that can be used for your crafting or quilting projects, or simply to make garments and accessories:

Bombay Monkey Bombay Monkey (ani00020)

Bombay Monkey Stripe Bombay Monkey Stripe (ani00030)

Next, take a look at some decorative weight fabrics:

Indian Elephants Indian Elephants (nov00009)

Return from India Return from India (nov00004)

The Mogul's Procession Red The Mogul's Procession Black

The Mogul’s Procession in Red and Black (nov00033 & nov00034)

The Rajah's Elephant The Rajah’s Elephant (nov00053)

Theatre Bombay Theatre Bombay (nov00022)

Maharajah's Entourage Maharajah’s Entourage (nov00063)

We even carry some traditional looking sari-cloth. Our last remaining example is Elephant Sari (ind00001) Although it is listed out of stock, we do carry it in the store. If you would like to purchase this unique fabric online, just e-mail us at info@jandofabrics.com

Elephant Sari

Finally, we have some designer upholstery fabrics- primarily tapestry- that will give your home decor an Old World, Indian style:

Bombay Tiger Upholstery Bombay Tiger Upholstery (uph00059)

Camels in India Camels in India (tap00027)

Delhi Floral: Sand Delhi Floral: Sand (uph00036)

Grand Elephants Grand Elephants Tapestry (tap00028)

Meghalaya Palace Tapestry Meghalaya Palace Tapestry (tap000104)

Kashmir Caravan Tapestry Kashmir Caravan Tapestry (tap00075)

Regardless of where you live, the ornate elegance of these designer fabrics will add an exotic charm to your home and delight your guests.

*Do you have any pictures showing the great uses you have given our fabric? Then please e-mail them to us at jandofabrics@comcast.net. We will be happy to hear from you and might even use your pictures for future blogs or on our website. We reserve the right to utilize the pictures sent without prior notification and in the time and manner that J&O Online Fabric Store deems appropriate.

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