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Every once and awhile as we conduct research online for  information, new innovations and stories within the textile industry to develop and share with you, we stumble on unique individuals and companies doing interesting and often times fascinating things with fabric around the world. One such company is Tosheka Designs.

Established by Kenyan textile designer and business woman Lucy Lau Bigham along with her business partner and husband Herman Bigham, Tosheka Designs is a social enterprise with extensive experience in commercial and community based textile production.  Their venture together is based off a desire to preserve the traditional skills and knowledge of ‘green’ textile production in Kenya EA by blending them with contemporary designs to produce products that are beneficial to the environment and the consumers. As such, Tosheka Designs specializes in the ethical production of eco-friendly textiles, home goods, and fashions for the global market while providing long-term economic sustainability for hundreds of women in low-income rural and urban communities.

Utilizing natural fibers, recycled materials and eco-friendly dyes, Tosheka’s products are handcrafted using the traditional weaving, knitting and fashioning techniques of these local Kenyan artisans. In addition, Tosheka is the only country in Kenya manufacturing Eri ‘Peace’ silk. Using a technique of fiber extraction that not only preserves the life of the silk worm, but allows for its continual mating once the harvesting is through, their sustainable practice has inspired others to incorporate ethical protocols for silk fiber production too.

They will be a company to watch as a growing number of consumers are taking a more eco-conscious approach to brand purchases.


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