Easy No-Sew Military Polar Fleece Blankets

Military blankets are a great gift for your loved ones at home & abroad this season. And hand-crafted blankets carrying the stars, stripes and emblems of the military branch they represent are especially nice not only during the holidays, but year round.

You don’t need to have any sewing skills to create one either. With J&O’s wide selection of 100% poly-winterfleece and a pair of scissors, you can make a warm & lightweight blanket for that special someone, or even yourself. Just follow the easy step instructions below and watch your fabric turn into an armor of pride that they can keep warm under when they need it most.

Step One:
Come to J&O Fabrics and pick from a selection of Military fleece fabrics representing the teams you or your loved ones follow. Have a store employee cut the fabric into a 2-4yard length depending on the size of the individual who will be wrapped inside (or 1 yard for a little one).

Step Two:
Wash the fabric with cold water on gentle cycle, or hand wash. Any detergent will do. Lay fabric flat to dry.

Step Three:
Lay fabric out on a large flat surface. Turn one of the shorter ends towards you and smooth out any wrinkles.

Step Four:
Cut a fringe along one short side by making 3-inch deep straight cuts about a 1/2-1 inch apart.

Step Five:
Tie a single knot at the base of each cut strip to complete the fringe along one side of the blanket.

Step Six:
Turn the fleece to the other short side and smooth out the wrinkles. Make the same size cuts a 1/2-inch apart and then tie knots to match the other side.

Step Seven:
Step back and pat yourself on the back. Your completed military no-sew fleece blanket is done! Give as a gift or keep for yourself.

Now wasn’t that easy.

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