Easy No-Sew Fleece Football Blankets

Blankets are a great gift for your college or pro football fanatic this season. And hand-crafted blankets carrying the name and mascot of thier favorite team are especially cool. You don’t need to have any sewing skills to create one either.

With J & O’s wide selection of 100% poly-winterfleece and a pair of scissors, you can make a warm & lightweight blanket for your friends, family, team-mates, or even yourself. Just follow the easy step instructions below and watch your fabric turn into an armor of pride to keep warm under during those windy season games.

Step One:

Come to J&O Fabrics and pick from a selection of College & NFL fleece fabrics representing the teams you or your loved ones follow. Have a store employee cut the fabric into a 2-4yard length depending on the size of the individual who will be wrapped inside.

Step Two:

Wash the fabric with cold water on gentle cycle, or hand wash. Any detergent will do.
Lay fabric flat to dry.

Step Three:

Lay fabric out on a large flat surface. Turn one of the shorter ends towards you and smooth out any wrinkles.

Step Four:

Cut a fringe along one short side by making 3-inch deep straight cuts about a 1/2-1 inch apart.

Step Five:

Tie a single knot at the base of each cut strip to complete the fringe along one side of the blanket.

Step Six:

Turn the fleece to the other short side and smooth out the wrinkles. Make the same size cuts a 1/2-inch apart and then tie knots to match the other side.

Step Seven:

Step back and pat yourself on the back. Your completed college / pro football no-sew fleece blanket is done! Give as a gift or keep for yourself.

Now wasn’t that easy.

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    These are cool football blankets.

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