5 Things Novice DIYers Need To Succeed

5 things novice DIYers need to succeed

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From struggling millenniums and independent ladies, to seasoned craftsmen and ambitious weekend warriors, over the last several years ‘Do It Yourselfer’s have been growing in numbers. In fact, the once labeled DIY ‘trend’ has become less of a simple money saving notion, and more of an empowering, value-driven movement. A movement inspired by the mindset of self-sufficiency and sustainability. A movement that according to Venveo DIY marketing trend reports,  is here to stay for awhile.  With this in mind, we want to share our list of five things novice DIYers need to succeed as they research, start, work through, and complete their DIY projects… no matter how big or small.


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Project inspiration comes from all sorts of places. For the craftsman, it may be a piece of wood furnishing from the 20’s or 70’s that stirs their creative juices into restoration mode in a way that seems quite doable on their own.  For the beginner seamstress, maybe it’s an old vintage dress that fits in all the right places, but is in dire need of fabric replacement…if only they had the means.  Or maybe it’s a vision of something that hasn’t manifested itself yet, but can be seen so very clear in ones head. Whatever the motivational factor, aligning with as many inspirational streams that feed it is one of the primary steps to turning it from an idea into a reality.

If you’re more ‘real-world’ based, immerse yourself in museums, nature, art galleries, libraries, make-it workshops, and more. If the ‘digital-world’ is more your lane, check out Pinterest, Instagram, or any number of image based platforms. Since we as humans remember 80% of what we see, our visual residue has a way of serving us well.

Become a child again and tap into your creative imagination. It’s amazing what inspiration still lies there.


5 things novice DIYers need to succeed

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There are so many home improvement, fabric/craft stores, and community organizations offering FREE classes and maker spaces. Don’t be afraid to step out your comfort zones and sign up.  YouTube is also a great source for learning a new skill using not only visual but instructional learning as well. With convenient access through your desktop or mobile device, and the ability to pause-and-repeat several times, taking the next step after conceptualization gets the ball rolling on your project. Such platforms often offer tutorials and workshops for the little people to. Children are full of adventure and imagination just waiting to be explored!


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One of the main reasons the DIY movement is growing aside from being environmentally beneficial,  is that it is more economically feasible to make things on your own. Reducing carbon footprints, practicing the 3-R’s (recycle, repurpose, reuse), and saving money at the same time all weigh into the maker mindset. Knowing your budget, intellectually sourcing your materials, and then sticking to your plan help make your project come together without too many unsuspecting hiccups that can deter your momentum along the way.  If you are contemplating a home decor, upholstery or window treatment project, find a business that offers goods and services for all three under one roof  to make it more convenient.  Reputable home decorating centers like J&O Fabrics who do everything in-house instead of 3rd party out-sourcing offer a level of expertise and convenience not often found at other businesses.  If you are unable to locate one that offers all your sourcing and service needs in one place, find the ones with a proven track record of quality fabric or services still. Take a moment to seek customer reviews as well. Though not without biases, they can offer some added insight none-the-less.


5 things Novice Diyers need to succeed

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According to additional research, part of the reason people are choosing  DIY opportunities is so they can spend less on the labor and more on the product itself.  In fact, 71% of seasoned DIYers report that quality is more important than price when it comes to choosing the materials for their home decor and upholstery projects. Doing so ensures, for the most part, that durability and fabric integrity is not spared and money is not lost on the would-be middle man (contractor).  This prioritizing also offers the goods/service provider the opportunity to educate and inform their customer on the textile attributes most fitting for a project. This is were reputable fabric stores and upholstery centers come into play again. Good ones with a proven track record are more than willing to walk you through your project needs to help ensure a successful outcome.

When considering materials, buy the best of what you can afford and stick to your budget. If needed, be willing to bend but not break.  It will pay off in the end.


5 things novice diyers need to succeed

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Though this really should be the first rule of thumb when approaching ANY DIY project, it’s one that one needs to succeed every step of the way. Stumbling blocks and obstacles are sure to come up along the way. The key to moving through them is a matter of your mindset. With the right attitude and self-encouragement, those same stumbling blocks can turn into lesson based stepping stones, and those apparent obstacles can be turned into opportunities to explore. It’s all part of the learning process that offers great take away’s in addition to our finished project once completed.

Like the old saying goes…”Practice makes perfect!” Get into the practice of being your own fan club and support system. The affects are AMAZING!

So there you have it. A few tips, tricks and rules of thumb as you embark on your successful DIY journey. If you’re a novice, may it serve to encourage your first step into an empowering Movement. If you’re more seasoned, may it serve to remind you of your own beginning and inspire the manifestation of your creative ideas even more.


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