DIY Cocktail Canopy from J&O Fabrics

J&O DIY Cocktail Canopy: Floral Deco

For the J&O/ Summerdale Mills family, summer just isn’t summer without backyard BBQ’s, picnics, taking in seemingly endless sunsets in an outdoor living space of our very own, or simply sitting pretty by the seashore.¬† But beyond the idea and aesthetics of it all, there is the nitty-gritty of uninvited guests to contend with that certainly can have a way of spoiling the fun. You know those party-crashers I’m speaking of. The eight-legged, winged and just plain annoying creepy crawlies seduced by the sights, sounds and scents of it all. We can’t blame them for wanting to get a taste of the good life I know, but we can make our presence in their domain more comfortable.

From Bloody Mary’s and tasty Mohito’s to exotic Tequila Sunrises and Sweet Long Island Iced Tea, one way we quickly discovered to enjoy our thirst quenching beverages more enjoyably and fabric-liciously¬† is by making an easy DIY cocktail canopy out of funky fabric remnants. Depending on your glass dimensions, a 6″ square of a light-weight decorative or cotton novelty in a themed print or funky design is all you need to cover the opening completely. Use a pair of pinking shears to give its edges a bit of an accent while preventing fraying, then make a small incision at the top to insert your straw. To secure your fabric around the rim, try a little raffia, ribbon or rubber bands in coordinating or contrasting colors to top your cocktail canopy off!


What’s cool is that if you have enough remnants to go around, you can pre-cut a bunch for a themed gathering or pull out an array of prints and colors for a DIY Craft-n-Cocktail party where everyone picks their own! When your entertaining is done, simply toss in the wash for a second go-round or offer as a make-n-take for those that came. And the best part, it doesn’t have to cost you a dime! Most of what you need you already have lying around. Add to the ingredients, your creativity and the party is on!! With no sips of the Spirit wasted on insects tempted to taste, you are open to drink carefree.

Now if only we had a way to please our mouth watering palates while covering our plates of watermelon the same way!

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