DIY Baby Bibs

Everyone loves baby accessories—especially hand-crafted cuties like these bibs and burps! Yes, I said burps…caring for newborns is not for the squeamish–but these adorable bibs will make feeding time a fashionable feast for the eyes!

Download a free bib pattern from chickpea Sewing Studio and find your favorite fabric here!

Cute baby bibs are a hit at every meal!

Use the bib pattern above to create your own unique version. You may embellish with buttons, animals and a variety of other items, as this is a very versatile and personalized project. This is a fantastic  and thoughtful gift idea for expectant mothers, who will appreciate having beautiful items around when they are enduring the exhausting first months of motherhood!

The matching burping cloths do not necessarily require a pattern, just cut 9.5 x 18.5 inch rectangles using the following fabrics:
•  Terry cloth
•  Fleece
•  Cotton
•  Batting

Layer either terry cloth or fleece over cotton with a layer of batting in the center for maximum absorption. Use a quarter-inch seam and turn.
•  Fleece front layer
•  Cotton layer
•  Batting center
•  Cotton layer
•  Fleece backside

Pro tip: Use snaps rather than buttons

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One thought on “DIY Baby Bibs

  1. These baby bibs are so perfect for those mothers that is “always-on-the-go” and want to bring their babies in a travel. Some moms has a little problem about packing up some baby stuff in one bag. Having these baby bibs for a trip is really good because it will not consume a lot of spaces inside the bag.

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