Discount Quilting Fabric by Timeless Treasures Fabric

In just a decade Timeless Treasures Fabrics has become one of the most popular producers of discount quilting fabric. Despite all of the competition, Timeless Treasures continues to stand out with its huge variety of novelty fabric designs.

J & O Fabrics is proud to carry a large selection of Timeless Treasures quilting fabrics on our online fabric store. Some of the great categories where you will find Timeless Treasures fabrics are:

Cat Fabric

Bird on a Wire Bird on a Wire

Cats & Birds Cats and Birds

Exercise Cats Exercise Cats

High Society Cats High Society Cats

Sewing Cats Fabric Sewing Cats Fabric

Dog Fabric

Doggy Day Timeless Treasures Doggy Day Timeless Treasures

Dating Service Dog & Cat Fabric Dating Service Dog and Cat Fabric

Checker Paw Print Checker Paw Print

Kissing Dogs Fabric Lime Kissing Dogs Fabric Lime

The Dog Painter Fabric The Dog Painter Fabric

Transportation Fabric

Monster Truck Fire Fabric Red Monster Truck Fire Fabric Red

Chicks Riding Motorcycles Chicks Riding Motorcycles

Daily Commuters Daily Commuters

Fast Car Fabric Fast Car Fabric

Sailing Fabric Sailing Fabric

Sea Life Fabric

Schools of Dolphin and Fish Dolphins and Schools of Fish

Big Fishing Catch Big Fishing Catch

Dolphins Realistic Dolphins Realistic

Fish in Squares Fish in Squares

Shark Tank Fabric Turq Shark Tank Fabric

Sewing, Hobbies and Crafts Fabric

Sewing Basket Timeless Treasures Sewing Basket

Fabric women Fabric Fabric Women

Library Books Library Books

Quilting Street Quilting Street

Power Tools Power Tools

Nature and Plants Fabric

Desert Land Desert Land

Palm Tree Island fabric Palm Tree Island Fabric

Shabby Chic Roses Fabric Shabby Chic Roses Fabric

Trees in the Forest Trees in the Forest

The Great Desert The Great Desert

Timeless Treasures Egyptian-themed fabrics are particularly popular with our customers. If you enjoy the following Egyptian fabrics then you might also want to browse our entire Egyptian Fabric category.

="font-family:trebuchet ms;font-size:130%;">King Tut Fabric King Tut Fabric

Camels in the Desert Camels in the Desert

Egyptian Goddess Egyptian Goddess

Egyptian Scroll Fabric Egyptian Scroll Fabric

Hieroglyphics Designs Hieroglyphics Designs

J & O is always on the lookout for the latest Timeless Treasures fabrics. Be sure to check back often to see what we’ve received! * #

* If you have enjoyed viewing the aforementioned fabrics and would like to see more of our selection of discount quilting fabrics, please click on the following link: Novelty Fabric.

# Do you have any pictures showing the great uses you’ve given our fabric? Then please e-mail them to us at We’ll be happy to hear from you and might even use your pictures for future blogs or on our website. We reserve the right to utilize the pictures sent without prior notification and in the time and manner that J&O Discount Fabric store deems appropriate.

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2 Responses to “Discount Quilting Fabric by Timeless Treasures Fabric”

  1. L Lindemann says:

    What happened to the Egyptian Scroll Fabric? I cannot see details or cost – is this out of stock? If yes, do you expect it to come back? Please advise. Thank you.

  2. Carol Anderson says:

    Looking for timeless treasure print from 2006 HUE# 8589. Need 1/2 yrd to finish quilt

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