Decorating with Sheer Fabrics

J&O Decorative Sheer Fabric Uses

One of the complains that we often hear about sheer decorative fabric is that does not have that many applications. As a group of people who pride ourselves in knowing all about fabric and its applications we wholeheartedly disagree! In order to help dispel this thought and give our customers a few helpful tips, we compiled the top applications for these beautiful threads. Enjoy!


J&O Sheer Decorative Fabric Curtains

We thought that we would start with the most popular and talk for a moment about sheer fabric used for curtains. This application can either be delicate or dramatic. As you can see from the picture above, with a little bit of a breeze and some big windows or wide open screen doors you can get quite the regal sweeping effect. However, if used inside this fabric looks delicate and demure. Also, a word to the wise is that if you want the look of these curtains while still preventing light from shining through, layering a few cuts of the same fabric or even similar fabric with complimentary colors will keep the rays at bay.


Sheer Blouse

J&O Novelty Sheer Fabric Blouse

Trend alert! These sheer blouses are all over the runway. From street chic to party time, these shirts seem to be everywhere we look! If you feel like being ambitious, creating a blouse out of some of our sheer novelty fabrics would be an inexpensive way to create something that you know will be the perfect size and color! The only thing we ask you to remember is to layer your creation with another shirt. Too often we see women just wearing a bra or insufficient undershirt under something like the shirt above. Doing that is a sure way to make a look that should be classy totally trashy.


Canopy For A Canopy Bed

J&O Sheer Decorative Fabric Canopy  Bed

This is arguably the most romantic application for this fabric. The thin drapes keep the harsh light of day out without totally isolating you from the rest of your room. Using this decorative fabric on a bed in a smaller room can also add that special touch that transforms your home into a castle. In order to fully complete this look, you should consider using fancy tassels like the ones in the picture above. They can add a nice sparkle that compliments a simple taupe or off white fabric drape.


Party Decoration Drapery

J&O Sheer Decorative Fabric Party Drapes

One of the coolest decorating trends that is currently in vogue is the practice of taking sheer fabric and using it as a ceiling hanging or elaborate tapestry. While the one in the picture above has colored light playing off of it, the simplicity of plain white at a wedding or other formal party should not be underestimated. When you think big posh white wedding, you should think of this style of decoration. They are also very common at celebrity weddings. She may not be the most shining example of marital bliss, but Kim Kardashian had one beautifully featured at her nuptials.



The scene created by a gracefully draped sheer fabric is something unique to that style of fabric alone; it can not be imitated by any heavy cottons no matter how gorgeous the fabric is! Recently we brought in two new additions to our line of sheer decorative fabrics that you can see below. The rich colors and high quality are what set them apart when we were purchasing for our stock.

We hope that we dissuaded you from the idea that sheer decorative fabric doesn’t have that many practical uses! If you have any projects that you use this fabric in be sure to post a picture on our Facebook or leave a comment about it below.


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4 Responses to “Decorating with Sheer Fabrics”

  1. Lourdes Navarrete says:

    I’m interested in the Party Decoration Drapery.

    Is this one base from which those panels flow?
    What are the dimensions?
    What is the price?

    Thank You,
    Lourdes Navarrete

    • Greetings Lourdes!

      Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately we do not make the drapery itself, rather sell the fabric that one can use to make this decorative ceiling drape. The captured image serves solely as inspiration for our viewers, however if interested in viewing our beautiful selection of sheers, drapery and dress materials to create a similar affect, please feel free to visit us at

      Thank You!

  2. Laura says:

    What type of sheer fabric is used on the bed canopy? I like the look of the thickness, some are too thin and look like mosquito nets whereas others look too heavy. The picture is the style I want.

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