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Returning from World War II to NYC, Lenny Silberman faced changing times. As a result, he found himself answering an ad in The New York Times promising “a HUGE opportunity” as a textile shipping clerk for $35 a week. He landed the job and went to night school to expand his industry knowledge and learn the fine art of selling. Together with his two partners and seven other hands-on employees, Silberman eventually launched Duralee Fabrics in 1952 from an office smaller than most modern-day walk-in closets.

Through the consistent use of value-driven ingenuity and cutting-edge designs, Duralee has become a household name in the world of interiors. Their  product line maintains a captivating persona that is constantly evolving and in 1999 trimmings were introduced as a complement to the expanding fabric collections. Along the way, Duralee aligned themselves with new and established designers to create a series of licensed collections  as well. The Duralee Designers range from the bold Thomas Paul and expressive Eileen Kathryn Boyd, to the fresh traditional designs of Tilton Fenwick and the exotic aesthetic of John Robshaw . In 2001, Duralee was ready to enter the high-end textile market. With the addition of Highland Court, Duralee’s luxe style offered superb craftsmanship and rich textures in sophisticated palettes from the finest mills earning them an industry reputation for attainable luxury.

As a major mover and shaker in the creative class from New York to Los Angeles, Duralee continues to reflect innovation through long-lived product lines synonymous with quality. From Duralee to DF Monogram, the firm’s main fabric divisions offer variously priced lines targeted at a diverse customer base. Producing trim and textiles that are destined to adorn the homes of both millionaires and middle class homeowners alike, Duralee’s appeal and accessibility are another reason why Duralee is still one of the interior design industry’s most exciting fabric brands today.


Duralee Collection at Jandofabrics

Duralee - John Robshaw II Collection / JandoFabrics


When Duralee designer John Robshaw was asked what his favorite part about working with Duralee when creating his collection, he had this to say. ” I enjoyed working with the great ladies at Duralee. It was fun watching them try and steer me down different aesthetic paths with all of their experiences with prints over the ages.


Duralee for Jandofabrics


What’s your favorite aspect about Duralee textile designs? Inspired to add a few fun accent pieces or play with some of their prints and colorways for your next room makeover or new project venture? With hundreds of designs to choose from, and an array of color palates to feed your home fashion fancy, you’re only limited by the stretch of your imagination. From funky lampshade covers and floor pillows to full window dressings, cushion covers, and outdoor living spaces, our selection of Duralee designs is guaranteed to stir your creativity even more.


Duralee Fabrics @ J&O Fabrics

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