Cyber Monday Fabric Sweep Sale

J&O's Cyber Monday Sale

After a long day of throwing elbows and bargaining down crazed sales people on Black Friday, the last thing you want to do is leave your house and go to another store. Good news! You can officially take off your game face, put on some fuzzy slippers, kick back and start cashing in on sales from the comfort of your living room. Start stretching out those clicker fingers, people, because Cyber Monday is upon us and discounted fabric deals are in their prime!

You have three options to choose from to save big on J&O fabric. You only get to pick one at check out so really consider your options! This is without a doubt a measure twice, cut once situation. Your choices are:

J&O 25% Off Decorative & Upholstery Fabric or Trim

Need to work on the decor of your living room or dining room before relatives come over for the holidays? Never fear! Reupholstering just became much less expensive if you buy your quality upholstery fabric with our discount. The same rules apply for making festive curtains embellished with bright trim or creating cute holiday crafts with discounted decorative fabric.

J&O decorative fabric


j&otrims, tassels and cording


J&O Cyber Monday sale


J&O Cyber Monday Free shipping on US orders over $50

There is nothing more irritating than spending a lot of money on holiday shopping and having to factor shipping into the cost. Luckily for J&O patrons, we absolutely adore our customers and want them to have the best online shopping experience possible so we eliminated shipping costs for orders that are more than $50. If you are looking for a few yards of something to put you over the $50 limit, we recommend getting some NFL fleece fabric. After all, tis the season to support your favorite NFL or college team!

J&O free shipping icon


J&O Cyber Monday sale

J&O Cyber Monday 20% Off ENTIRE STOCK of Fabric

Now is the time to stock up on all of the fabric you are going to need for the holidays and (if you are really thinking long term) spring craft projects. Why buy fabric full price when you can buy it discounted? We recommend that you take a good look at our entire stock of products and try to pick out everything you might want or need. This opportunity only comes around once a year!

J&O fabric selection



J&O Cyber Monday Sale Buy one $50 gift card, get one $20 gift card FREE

If you want to give the gift of quality fabric this year but want to let the recipient pick out their own, we also have a gift card special! This particular special runs all year, but is especially suitable for this season of giving!

J&O $50 gift certificate



J&O Fabrics Coupon Terms & Conditions

* 20% off includes entire stock of  J&O fabric

**20% off coupon includes instock only decorative,upholstery fabric and trim.

Exclusions: all mohair, mid-century, & special order tweed.

*** Free Shipping coupon for domestic orders only.(no combination)

****$20 “Free” Gift Card Code can be combined with other offers

additional $20 “Free” certificate sent via email within 24 hrs

Free shipping: Not valid on Mohair fabric, Mid-Century Fabric, Vinyl fabric & Outdoor fabric

20% off entire stock does not include Mohair, Mid-Century fabric

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  1. You have a wide range of decorative fabric with great discount.I want to decor my home with furnishing fabric,and i think this is the right time and place to buy fabric.

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