The Sustainable Magic of Crypton Green

As concerns surrounding global warming and climate change continue to grow, consumers and textile manufacturers are making more of an effort to play their respective part in altering the negative impact textile industry processes can have on the environment. By reducing their carbon footprints  and supporting more sustainable fabrics and practices, its a win-win for all!. Enter the sustainable magic of Crypton Green fabric

What Is Sustainable Fabric?

Sustainable fabrics are textiles derived from eco-friendly resources like recycled materials and natural fibers such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, etc. Yet, while natural fibers are more sustainable, there are still environmental concerns to consider. Cotton, though nature-made for instance, requires large volumes of water and pesticides to thrive, while recycled polyester, made from man-made fiber, requires far less, reducing its impact and making it more sustainable overall.

What is sustainable fabric used for?

While the concept of sustainable fabrics has centered around individual consumerism and trends in slow fashion, industries such as the medical field, hospitality, transportation, and the military are seeing the benefits of using sustainable textiles as well. When it comes to such uses, one sustainable manufacturer has definitely left its own footprint when it comes to eco-friendly standards. Part fabric and part magic,  Crypton / Crypton Green fabric offers a variety of earth-friendly and stain-resistant fabrics for home, healthcare, hospitality, and more. 

Family founded in 1993 and manutactured in North Carolina, Crypton offers a wide range of patterns, textures, designs and colors, all guaranteed to protect against stains, spills, and odors. Whether you are searching for textile goods to scale-up your Air BnB property, bring more value to your custom upholstery projects, or add some ‘green’ glam to an already eco-friendly pad, Crypton / Crypton Green offers a collection to meet almost every project need. 

What is the difference between Crypton and Crypton Green?

Both Crypton and Crypton Green fabrics use green chemistry and eco-friendly processes. The only difference between Crypton and Crypton Green is the fiber content and the use of environmentally optimized fiber types. Crypton chemistry does not use halogenated FRs, including PBDEs, and is GREENGUARD Certified to create healthier indoor environments.

What are the benefits of Crypton fabric? 

When considering Crypton / Crypton Green fabrics over non-sustainable fabrics, price for value the benefits of going the eco-friendly route hold their own.

  • water and stain resistant
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • armed with germicides and antimicrobial properties
  • stylish and luxurious
  • durable
  • breathable
  • safe and non-toxic
  • sustainable

Where can I find a one-stop custom upholstery shop that carries Crypton fabrics and supports more sustainable manufacturing practices?

While Crypton fabrics can be found in almost any good home fabric decorating center or fabric shop, there are only a handful of custom upholstery shops that carry Crypton and offer the value and convenience of custom upholstery service in-house as well. Check out JandOfabrics the next time you are in the Philly Tri-State area or shop their selection right online. 

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