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Here at J&O we’re constantly thinking of new ways to help our customers and make their shopping experience on simple and as effortless as possible. In case you haven’t noticed, J&O Fabrics is currently in the process of adding coordinating fabrics to each type of fabric we carry. Everything from our most popular Cotton Novelties, to our wide selection of Upholsteries, will now be featuring two to six coordinates, in addition to washing tips and J&O’s very own fabric dictionary.

Take note that the fabrics we choose as coordinates are not always coordinate sets straight from the manufacturer. Noooo, the coordinates we choose are selected with care irregardless of designer or manufacturer and are rarely apart of a collection. However, in some cases if a certain print is apart of a collection, we make sure to let you know.

Shopping for fabric online is a very different experience than wandering through the cozy aisles of a local fabric store. When at a store, you can see the fabrics’ color, feel the weight and place it next to other prints to make a judgment. Relaxing at home on your computer, (or at work), you don’t have the experience of seeing the fabric for yourself; feeling its’ texture and weight. For this exact reason, J&O is implementing a new idea that we hope will help our customers make decisions about purchasing fabric. Allow us to be your eyes and hands by trusting our selection of coordinating fabrics.

Each fabric coordinate we feature on a given page was selected by walking around our huge store in New Jersey with charts and fabric samples; squinting our eyes, saying “hmmm…” while holding prints up next to each other, going through the exact process of a shopper. This is the kind of dedication J&O Fabrics has for its customers.

On the contrary, shoppers typically already have in mind what type of fabrics they need for a particular project. We don’t know how someone may be using the fabric they purchase, so on the most basic level, while coordinating fabrics at J&O, we first look for solid fabrics that are exact color matches of a similar weight. We know that upholstery fabric is not always used to upholster furniture, and decorative cloths aren’t always used to make curtains. So, with some Home Decor fabrics we may add a dress fabric as a coordinate, to offer range in case you may be making something like a handbag or a hat.

Since we have such a huge selection, we at J&O don’t assume that we know our customers’ taste. While coordinating, we don’t infer that all our customers are daring enough to put apples with oranges, if you know what we mean. Our most important goal is for you to know that there are other fabrics that we carry in the same color range. Many ideas of coordination matter on opinion and level of artistic expression. For example, if a lightweight cotton fabric print is black and white, we’ll show you other coordinating fabric prints that are black and white. We won’t automatically throw in an upholstery weight hot pink floral that doesn’t have a hint of black or white, even though under certain conditions it may coordinate great. You see? Most of our suggested coordinates are on the safe side. To see a few examples of our new Fabric Coordinate feature click on a few of the following links.

Novelty: Basix Dots: Black
Upholstery: Pierrot
Fleece: NFL, Patriots
Barkcloth: Tortolla: Yellow
Upholstery: Prussian Garnet
Novelty: Retro Chairs
Barkcloth: Maui

Overall, J&O Fabrics’ goal is to continue to bring the widest variety of fabrics on the Internet at affordable prices. We really hope that our new Fabric Coordinate feature is helpful. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us an email at or call us at 856-663-2121.

J&O Fabrics. . .sew many possibilities

If you’re in the area, visit our store in Pennsauken, New Jersey, right outside of Philadelphia. The size of a supermarket, we have the largest selection of fabrics in New Jersey! Everything we carry is not on our website, so check us out and browse our fabric warehouse.

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  1. Patty says:

    I am so excited to find you and see that you will be carrying coordinating fabrics soon. I have searched online for them without much success and I really love sewing with them but hate trying to match them myself. You are definitely bookmarked and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :-)

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