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Something Old, Something New….5 Cool DIY Wedding Craft Tutorials for You!


Although largely a British custom, the old English rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” connected to weddings is said to attest to the human tendency to value continuity and new beginnings, unity and separation. Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity. While various renditions of this tradition have been adopted into wedding ceremonies crossing both cultural and ethnic divides, it’s symbolic meaning has remained intact offering traditionalists and new-agers alike the opportunity to incorporate and make their special day as unique as the love the two of them share.

Top Summer Wedding Color Trends 2014


With June still reining as one of the most popular months for marriage ceremonies despite February’s National Wedding Month ownership, color and fabric trends for 2014 are the main question inquiring minds want to know as the month unfolds. According to Pantone and several leading wedding planners around the country, the top 5 colors  for 2014 are mint, dark blue, pink, black, and emerald with mint taking center stage. From bold shades to lighter hues, the summer bridal palate offers its own statement against the traditional white of the bride and black tux of the groom.

J&O Crafty Customer: Roxanne Ojeda of Retro Roxy

roxy-retros, jandofabrics

Over a week ago we put out a call to our Facebook family to send us pics of their most creative Valentine’s Day crafts, but to much of our surprise, Cupid’s arrow didn’t seem to strike the hearts of many, and so our campaign narrowed down to ONE.

Roxanne Ojeda of Retro Roxy submitted one of her Valentines themed retro styled pin up girl aprons designed with eXtra special dinner plans in mind. Flouncy skirts and ruffled fold down smock  in assorted complimentary prints and color palate make her creations uniquely distinguishable among the rest. When not making custom aprons and specialty crafts for admirers, her smoke-free, pet-free, pattern-free environment sets the backdrop for a lot of quirky, retro styled creations to flow thru in a very organic way.

Celebrate Love, The Heart, And National Go Red Day!

jandofabricsThis Friday (February 7 2014) is National Go Red Day, a day dedicated to the education and prevention of heart disease. And with heart disease still continuing to be the number one killer of Americans overall and women in particular, the need for us to take better care of our beating organ is the order of the day, year, and rest of our life. From proper diet and excersize, to sufficient rest and room for play, it is often the little things when applied overall that can make  the biggest difference and bring about the most profound change.

Make Any Shirt New Again—With Fabric Accents and Patching!

We all have that favorite t-shirt that has certainly seen better days! Relax, you do not have to think about throwing it away each time you eye that stain—just cover it with a piece of fabric that shows off your personality! Find your favorite fabric to fix your favorite tee in our online fabric store!

A girl should never be forced to oust her most-loved tee. Sew easy—and sew cute…yet, free of the sewing machine!

Once you decide on a direction, use hot glue or a fabric adhesive to secure your fabric onto your shirt. The result? No more stain, rip or unattractive worn tee! Now old faithful is ready to serve you for another decade…perhaps.

Get More Voltage with Vintage Fabric

Add a bit of vintage flair to your next fabric project with some of the patterns below! Vintage print fabric instills a smooth and historical appeal to any craft, along with a completely unique sense of style.

Pro-tip: Mix and match your favorite vintage fabric with an unexpected fabric for added exaggeration, versatility and depth. Example:

Top 5 most wanted vintage prints from J&O:

5. Retro Stainless Glass Allover. This vintage print has a lot going on—it makes me want to grab my craft kit and start something fresh!

Revisit Diners and Drive-Ins

American Diner

Summer, drive-ins and diners just seem to go together. It’s a fact that Americans have been in love with the drive-in restaurant since it’s inception. Afterall, who can resist pulling your car up to the menu, ordering a couple malts and a burger without leaving the comfort of the vehicle or missing your favorite song on the radio?

In the small towns were I grew up, mom and pop diners were the place to go for  home style fare that was finger-licking good. While we waited for our french fries, barbecue chicken and apple pie we’d pop a quarter in the jukebox. Once the food arrived we were elbow deep in barbecue sauce and napkins, but it was oh so good.

Springtime in Paris

Eiffel Tower

The beautiful city of Paris has been home to art and fashion lovers for centuries. Famous artists who hid away in their attic studios throughout the city created many masterpieces we now see in large art galleries around the world. Throughout the centuries this city has been a beacon and compass for our culture. Whether you have had the opportunity to stroll the city streets and climb the Eiffel Tower or not  you are sure to love these romantic, Parisian-inspired prints which are perfect for your spring projects.

Fun Time in Paris Novelty Print