Cool D.I.Y. Panda Craft Tutorials

Panda Craft Tutorial

* Gentle strength *

* Peace *

* Good luck *

* Positive outlook on life *

* Connection with Eastern wisdom *


Whether you are drawn to Panda Bears for tangible reasons or they resonate with you on a deeper more symbolic level, there is no denying the powerful energy they possess inspiring tranquil strength and determination. Under its soft and fuzzy appearances, this animal totem brings forth the importance of strong personal boundaries to feel safe and grounded in life. If you have the panda as spirit animal or totem, you may be inclined to be emotional and feel like you need strong material and physical comfort to feel at ease in your life. Symbolic of the ability to find a balanced and nurturing path through life, it will encourage those who have it as totem or power animal to integrate different aspects of their personality in a harmonious whole.

DIY Knickers

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With my skill set primarily in drapery, one of the more intimidating projects I have yet to undertake is the making of knickers. Not the kind that can be mistaken for mens’ underwear because of their boxy, boyish cut, but truly form-fitting, feminine lingerie that make a woman look and FEEL sexy! I’m not sure which of my concerns surrounding such a seemingly simple feat is stronger…getting the cut just right or properly manipulating the stretchy knits required in the way needed to keep them from sagging. But with several ultra-feminine silk and floral poly rems to play with, this DiY video courtesy of Delia and Erika at Flo-Jo Boutique in Bristol, was just the inspiration I needed to boost my courage up a notch and at least try my hand at a pair or two.

D.I.Y. Fabric Wall Hangings


Some people like photographic art. Others like abstract. And then there are those who get their artistic fix merely off of fabric. They stop at every fabric store in every town they ever visit. They sniff out garage sales seeking hidden textile finds like bloodhounds on a trail. They have even been known to spend hundreds of dollars for the fabric of their eye. And just like great art, their sought after rewards do more than grace love seats, tossed pillows, or adorn perfectly fashioned bodies….They hang on walls.

D.I.Y. Fleece Hat and Scarf set

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If you’re children are like mine, half of the school year is spent searching for their missing homework while the other is spent searching for their winter fleece hats, missing gloves,  and countless hand-knitted scarves from Grandma. And if you’re a mother like me, you eventually discover the benefits of saving time and money through the creation of D.I.Y. fleece hat and scarf sets rather than the purchasing of new winter wear yet again.

Holiday Gift Wrapping the Furoshiki Way.


With Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly approaching, the push for a more sustainable way of living trending in the news, and many gift-givers having to budget their money, however folks can reduce their costs and carbon footprints during the holiday season is information well used. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to reduce both in a creative way is by incorporating a little furoskiki into the mix. A great alternative to wrapping with store bought gift wrap, this traditional Japanese method of wrapping gifts throughout the year is one that even children can share in.

Super Bowl XLVIII DIY NFL Fleece Tutorial

With NFL Super  Bowl Sunday XLVIII less than a month away,  Seahawks, Patriots, Broncos and 49er fans far and wide are upping the ante and showing what true fans are made of…one craft at a time. For fabric suppliers like J&O Fabrics, these next few weeks leading to the final countdown are as grueling as they are exciting. From making sure our chain of supply and demand is met by our various manufacturers, to personally assisting our valued customers with their unique project needs,  Super Bowl season and all that comes with it can be crazy at time, but it makes it all worth while when our beloved teams win.

Make An Awesome iPhone or iPod Case/Stand—Video Tutorial!

If you own an iPhone or other smartphone, you likely invested quite a bit of money into it, so why not create a cool personalized case and stand to show it off? The following video tutorial from MadebyMarizpan is a simple step-by-step way to make your own, easy as 1-2-3! Follow link to our fabric selection to get inspired to make yours!

This is a combination case/stand for your smartphone, adaptable to accommodate various types. It reminds me of how cool “reversible” clothing was in its prime!

How To Make An Easy No-Sew Fleece Fabric Gift Blanket

J&O Felt Blanket Christmas

It is the most wonderful time of the year! As the song says, there is much mistletoeing and hearts are glowing with holiday cheer. However, with all of the craziness that surrounds the holidays with cleaning and decorating the house for parties, putting up relatives, cooking, and finding the perfect tree, figuring out a gift that is personal and fits into your budget can be quite difficult. That is why we love making fleece fabric blankets for gifts. They are fantastic for friends at the office and for kids to make for teachers.

Fun Novelty Fleece Fabric & Crafts

Top 5 Novelty Fleece Fabrics

The staff of J&O thought it might be a good idea to remind people how effective fleece is for keeping cold breezes at bay, especially since a lot of the US got snow over Halloweekend.

Top 5 novelty fleece fabrics for winter:

#1: Plaid Polar Fleece Fabric

When we think warm, we think of two things: plaid, and fleece. This fabric combines both of these things into one cozy, colorful pattern.


Fascinating Fascinators

This breaking news… Prince William got married!  In case you have been living among cloistered monks or just awakened from a coma, now you are up to speed.  Kate Middleton, his bride, is one woman who just cannot have a bad hair day.  The cameras have been following her every fashion move, and she seems to be getting approval from the press.  Whew!  What a relief!