3-In-1 Timeless Treasure Craft Tutorials

After 50 years in business, we’ve had the opportunity to introduce and share fabrics from almost every fabric mill under the sun. While some only print amazing fabrics, others have multiple services that grow like branches from their textile tree. Timeless Treasure  is one of them. In the infancy of their cotton line, their design reputation was built on novelty collections. Pigs on motorcycles, rainbow-colored cats and Santa on a surfboard are just a few of the ideas that went from imagination to 100% cotton fabric. In the last 15 years, their collection has evolved and diversified based on their fan base’s needs. As such, we’re dedicating this blog to some of the creative Timeless Treasure craft tutorials they have put together for the DIY home maker, novice seamstress, expressive entrepreneur, and seasoned artisan. Not only are they cute, they’re FREE!

Quick DIY Burlap Webbing Crafts.

DIY Burlap Webbing Crafts


Thought webbing tape was only good for upholstery projects? These purse accessories are made from small pieces of burlap upholstery webbing usually sold in fabric shops and sometimes in hardware stores. The color combination usually consists of a jute colored webbing with either red or blue stitched bands, but it’s durability is undeniable and at appx $1.25/yd, you can’t beat the price. Unisex in their design, these webbed carriers make great gifts for the men OR women in our lives. Customize with embroidered names or adhesive patches to really make these easy DIY burlap webbing crafts as specialized as they are timeless.

The History and Art of Passementerie


When we think of tassels, we often go back in the recesses of our memories where we conjure nostalgic images of our grandmother’s handmade curtains, pillows, lamp shades and table runners trimmed in vintage tassels and kept with care. Maybe we may only go back far enough to recall fashionably tassel trimmed bags, loafers, garments and jeweled adornment as its trending cycle ushered in popularity once again. But where did the idea of designing and crafting tassels begin? More specifically, what is the art of passementerie?


Cool D.I.Y. Panda Craft Tutorials

Panda Craft Tutorial

* Gentle strength *

* Peace *

* Good luck *

* Positive outlook on life *

* Connection with Eastern wisdom *


Whether you are drawn to Panda Bears for tangible reasons or they resonate with you on a deeper more symbolic level, there is no denying the powerful energy they possess inspiring tranquil strength and determination. Under its soft and fuzzy appearances, this animal totem brings forth the importance of strong personal boundaries to feel safe and grounded in life. If you have the panda as spirit animal or totem, you may be inclined to be emotional and feel like you need strong material and physical comfort to feel at ease in your life. Symbolic of the ability to find a balanced and nurturing path through life, it will encourage those who have it as totem or power animal to integrate different aspects of their personality in a harmonious whole.

DIY Knickers

YouTube Preview Image

With my skill set primarily in drapery, one of the more intimidating projects I have yet to undertake is the making of knickers. Not the kind that can be mistaken for mens’ underwear because of their boxy, boyish cut, but truly form-fitting, feminine lingerie that make a woman look and FEEL sexy! I’m not sure which of my concerns surrounding such a seemingly simple feat is stronger…getting the cut just right or properly manipulating the stretchy knits required in the way needed to keep them from sagging. But with several ultra-feminine silk and floral poly rems to play with, this DiY video courtesy of Delia and Erika at Flo-Jo Boutique in Bristol, was just the inspiration I needed to boost my courage up a notch and at least try my hand at a pair or two.

D.I.Y. Fabric Wall Hangings


Some people like photographic art. Others like abstract. And then there are those who get their artistic fix merely off of fabric. They stop at every fabric store in every town they ever visit. They sniff out garage sales seeking hidden textile finds like bloodhounds on a trail. They have even been known to spend hundreds of dollars for the fabric of their eye. And just like great art, their sought after rewards do more than grace love seats, tossed pillows, or adorn perfectly fashioned bodies….They hang on walls.

D.I.Y. Fleece Hat and Scarf set

 YouTube Preview Image


If you’re children are like mine, half of the school year is spent searching for their missing homework while the other is spent searching for their winter fleece hats, missing gloves,  and countless hand-knitted scarves from Grandma. And if you’re a mother like me, you eventually discover the benefits of saving time and money through the creation of D.I.Y. fleece hat and scarf sets rather than the purchasing of new winter wear yet again.

Fabulous Home Deco Samples Turned Funky D.I.Y. Crafts

After years of providing custom upholstering, elegant window treatments and beautiful home interior makeovers for customers, it’s easy for in-house fabric and design centers to accumulated their share of fabulous deco samples. From long-standing yet timeless home textile mills like Duralee, Robert Kaufman and Covington, to newer yet popular home deco designers like Vern Yip, Regal and Michael Miller, the array of fibers, colors, prints and designs that remain on hand long after the work orders are completed seem endless. And while these samples still serve as on-hand textiles to assist home project shoppers in bringing their vision into a more tangible reality, often times the patterns selected are discontinued by the mills and therefore remain on our shelves as appealing yet useless eye candy… seemingly. But to the creative seamstress, artisan or DIY craft connoisseur, these sample pieces ranging in size from 15″-20″ squares offer the perfect inspiration behind some seriously stylish and often funky D.I.Y craft creations.

J&O Fabrics Colorful Craft Ideas for the 2018 Spring Season

As we slowly transition into a spring season that seems to finally be here stay for a few, we find ourselves mimicking nature’s shedding of muted winter colors in exchange of an array of vibrant shades reflective of those found in Mother Nature’s vibrant prism. In celebration of the spectrum of light vibrations that brings us an amazing palate of blue, red, orange, yellow, and green for our imagination to play with, J&O Fabrics offers a few colorful craft ideas along with a selection of choice fabrics from our shelves to fulfill your creative mood.


J&O Celebrates Cinco De Mayo



Originally observed in commemoration of the Mexican army’s triumphant victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in Mexico on May 5, 1862, generations later,  Cinco de Mayo has come to be known not only as a liberating feat for Mexico, but for the sustaining richness of its culture and celebration of artisan craftsmanship as well.  From their popular clay pottery, vibrant designs, and embroidered cotton garments to their wool shawls, colorful baskets and rugs, their hand-crafted items are just a few of the cultural creations associated with Mexican art. In celebration of the elaborate designs and artistry of Mexico,  J&O offers an array of dress fabrics, southwestern prints, and colorful trim to make your Cinco de Mayo festivities a memorable one.