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Preserve Your Precious Pattern Pieces with Old Interfacing

Looking for a really great way to preserve your precious pattern pieces? Have a roll of old, lightweight, fusible interfacing just waiting to be put to use? Whether woven or non-woven, here’s a cool way to turn your less than impressive interfacing into pattern piece additions that strengthen and preserve at the same time!

Step 1:

To start, pull out a piece of non woven fusible interfacing and a piece of tissue pattern paper to test. Cut  your interfacing so that it is only slightly larger than your tissue paper piece, then iron together. Keep your iron on the STEAM OFF setting only.

Heat N’ Bond Tips and Tricks

j&o fabrics

Heat N’ Bond adhesive is a strong, paper-backed, iron-on adhesive designed for non sew apparel, craft and home decor projects. It’s solid layer of glue provides plenty of bonding strength, and requires less heat and shorter pressing time than many other fusible web products. With its advanced formula, Heat N’ Bond puts an end to fusible web limitations to provide the craft maker with superior results in a wide range of applications. It is quick, convenient and leaves professional looking results. This being said, we’d like to take a moment to share some additional tips, tricks and uses that are sure to make your Heat N’ Bond experience a successful one!

Understanding Fabric Grain 101

Fabric grain is a term that refers to the direction in which the threads are arranged in a particular fabric. It will determine how a fabric will react, drape or hang. Understanding fabric grain will help you to ensure your fabric projects are a success!

understanding fabric grain

The types and terms for fabric grains are fairly easy to commit to memory


There are 3 basic types of fabric grain:

  • Crosswise: These threads run perpendicular to the edge of the fabric. This means that as the fabric is being unrolled from a bolt, it is the edge running up and down. These are also known as ‘weft’ threads.

Tips For Working With Fleece Fabric

Fleece fabric is wonderfully versatile, it can be used for anything from mittens and scarves to cozy NFL fleece blankets. While it is soft and enticing, it is also a bit strong. The following tips will help you while working with fleece fabric.

working with fleece fabric

Does working with fleece give you the warm fuzzies? Before risking frustration or ruining perfectly good fleece–follow these tips!

Tips for sewing fleece fabric:

Selecting the Right Sewing Needle Sizes

Choosing the proper sewing needle for the task is as important as having the right chef’s knives in the kitchen. Not only is it important that it is sharp, the type can make or break a project! Sewing needle sizes can be a bit confusing, use the chart and tips below for help!

Sewing Needle Sizes

Needle sizes are shown in both American and European. You will see the size indicated on the package. Use the chart above to understand conversions.

5 Simple Sewing Tips to Save the Day

These 5 sewing tips will help your next project move along seamlessly! Sewing can be frustrating, even for the very experienced types at times. For the beginner, a project can all too quickly become a disaster, wasting time, materials and money while leaving a distaste for sewing in the process! Save your patience while honing your skills with the following tips:

Sewing tips

Understand your fabric

Crafts for Kids: Tiny Tutu Tee

Kids love to play dress-up, and during the early years, some little girls fall head-over-heels for the fabulous tutu (who can blame them?) If your child fails to understand why the tutu is not an appropriate part of their school wardrobe, we have a solution! The tutu tee tutorial! Find satin fabric, fur fabric and more sewing supplies if you wish to get creative with this project!

Kid's Tutu T-Shirt

Even if you are relatively new to sewing, do not be intimidated by this rewarding project! You will learn to gather, attach tulle and sew like the pros with practice.

Twirling Skirt Tutorial

Circle skirts are one of the best things about being a woman! Fun and flirty, you are never too old to twirl. If you are like myself, the dresses on the racks today just never quite call out to you, or you cannot seem to find what you visualize in your mind. Fear not, this fabulous circle skirt tutorial will set your mind swirling and get you twirling in no time! Begin by selecting your fabric here.

Twirling skirt

A picture can say a thousand words. A twirling skirt needs none!

Easy as 1-2-3 Plush Owl Pillows

This oh-so-simple and sweet owl pillow makes a great gift idea for a baby shower or child’s birthday. While the pillows in the photos below are sewn, there is also the option to just use fabric adhesive and skip the sewing altogether! Choose sets of 2 coordinating fabrics from our online store and get started! (Or just pop on in if you live in the area!)

Owl Pillow Crafts

Adorable animal crafts are always a fun family project

Simple Window Decor Solutions: No Sew Valance

It is typically assumed that altering your window dressings is an expensive investment. Fret no more with this simple no sew window valance craft by Brooke from ‘All Things Thrifty’ (also featured on ‘Sew Dang Cute’)! Now you can change your window dressings with the seasons, or even your mood—freedom is good! Begin with a bold or decorative fabric from our online selection and share your finished photos upon completion!

I know that some call it a cornice, I simply prefer valance because it sounds less corny