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Caring For Your Foam Cushions



Foam plays a large part in the life of your outdoor cushions since any outdoor fabric is only relatively water proof in a rain storm, and will eventually let water into the cushions one day. Water sitting in the foam of your cushion can mold your fabric and create harmful mildew.  If you are willing to cover your cushions or bring them in to protect them from rain and moisture then do so. If however you are not, then here are a few types of outdoor cushion foams that may work for you.



J&O Fabrics Outdoor Fabric Guide


With the summer season officially here, time to put procrastinating aside and start pulling out those patio cushions, polishing up table tops and dusting off umbrellas in preparation for outdoor entertaining,  fun in the sun, or simply relaxing poolside in the shade.

For many, this process will look more like an arduous chore  rather than a easy task as the winter hibernation season seemed to drag on forever. And if your beautiful cushions weren’t packed up properly, you could be in store for some cleaning and revamping ahead of you. Worse case scenario, you’ll find yourself tossing the old for the new…. DIY or BUY style. Best case, with a little help from J&O fabrics, you’ll find just the right tips, tricks and fabulous fabrics to make your dreams of your backyard living space come true!

Picnic Prints!

Now that the weather is warm it is time to fire up the grill and pack up the picnic basket. Eating outdoors at a park or by a lake this time of year is so refreshing. You just can’t beat the beautiful weather, not to mention having a place for the kids to run off all their energy. It’s not hard to see why picnics are such an iconic summer activity.

After years of use, spills and stains it’s probably about time to update your linens and blankets. We carry a great selection of prints that are perfect for your next picnic, including some classy outdoor fabric!

Let’s Go Camping! Fabric Featuring the Great Outdoors

Camp Little Dewey Cruiznbye Flickrimage by cruiznbye

As the days start to lengthen I enjoy spending more and more of my evenings in the great outdoors. There is nothing like spending the evening hours in the fresh air to give you a good night’s rest. This year my family and I are planning a camping trip. We love to go kayaking, fishing and hiking. So, this summer we are especially excited about our trip and all the memories to be had. There is nothing like a meal cooked from scratch over a campfire or telling stories while the embers slowly fade into the night.

Fascinating Fabrics: Scorching Sun Savior



We at J&O Fabrics know a thing or two about outdoor fabric. For two generations, we have been selling top quality material for all of your deck needs. We really thought we had seen it all until we heard about Sunbrealla.


This incredible fabric’s claim to fame is that it does not fade in even the most intense sun. However, that is not the only trick it has up its sleeve hem. This miracle fabric is also completely stain proof. If that wasn’t enough to win you over, Sunbrella is also a dedicated member of the green movement; all of its products are made without the excessive use of harmful toxins.