Sewing Superstitions From Around the World



superstition {noun}

su·​per·​sti·​tion | \ ˌsü-pər-ˈsti-shən \

Definition of superstition:
1: a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation
2: a notion maintained despite evidence to the contrary


The History and Art of Passementerie


When we think of tassels, we often go back in the recesses of our memories where we conjure nostalgic images of our grandmother’s handmade curtains, pillows, lamp shades and table runners trimmed in vintage tassels and kept with care. Maybe we may only go back far enough to recall fashionably tassel trimmed bags, loafers, garments and jeweled adornment as its trending cycle ushered in popularity once again. But where did the idea of designing and crafting tassels begin? More specifically, what is the art of passementerie?


2018 Winter Olympics Fashion Faux Pas

With the exciting 2018 Winter Olympics coming to a close today, we can all breath a hopeful sigh of relief that the worst of the wardrobe malfunctions is now over. After figure skaters Gabriella Papadakis and Yura Min both braved their worst possible performance nightmares come true with grace and focus (second to a fall) when each of their costumes came undone exposing some or all of their womanly parts to the millions of viewers watching live worldwide,  the only question that remained on the minds of seamstresses and costume designers who viewed this fashion faux pas is ….

Top 12 Must Have Sewing Kit Items

It can be a challenge for beginning crafters to figure out what to keep in their arsenal. The following list is a few must-have items for any sewing kit. There are, of course, more helpful items, but this list will get things started, as you will always be adding things as the need arises!

Must Have Sewing Kit Items

Items for the basic hand sewing kit, like the cute pin cushion above

The ideal starter sewing kit should include the following items:

  • Needles. Hand sewing needles in a variety of sizes and lengths. Make sure you have at least one large, heavy-duty needle for fabrics like denim.

All Ears: Adorable Fabric Mouse Pincushion

This itty-bitty mouse is just too irresistible to avoid! I am picturing it using a variety of different fabrics, which you can find here at our online fabric store! This could be used as a pincushion or similar sewing stow, and it is a far-from cheesy gift idea!

fabric mouse pincushion

Say cheese! Adorable fabric mouse craft with oversized ears

You will need:
• A few (at least two!) fabrics from J&O Fabrics (of course!)
Felt fabric for the ears, tail and nose (also in stock)
Fabric Scissors/Shears
• Sewing skills
• Cotton stuffing (or your preferred material)
Pro-tip: Stuff with scented material!

How To: Sew A Felt Needle Book

Felt Needle Book Finished

It is a fact, I love to sew. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the machine or by hand. I also enjoy embroidery and have a couple dozen projects in progress. Since summer is soon approaching that means I’ll be traveling again. When I travel I like to pack my sewing and embroidery gear with me. So, I created this felt needle book to keep my pins and needles in place while on the road. The felt keeps them secure. If I have a needle already threaded it can easily be tucked away for a quick repair anytime and anywhere!

The Dressmaker’s Thread Arsenal

jando sewing threads stockxchng thea0211

Ever visited a website or fabric store and stumbled upon the notion, sewing supply and thread selection? Do you get puzzled trying to sort through what thread you need for a project? Let’s face it, we all want to get home and get sewing and not be scratching our head over thread. Yet, thread is just as important as the project itself. If you don’t purchase good quality thread or purchase the wrong type for the fabric you are using your project is in jeopardy of not lasting as long as you might like or not cooperating with the sewing machine itself. So, dressmaker’s often amass a thread arsenal that includes a rainbow of their most turned to threads as well as some specialty types for special projects. Check out my listing below for a guide to threads for your next project.

Fabric Craft Ideas: Gift Wrap Goes Glam!

Forget gift wrapping paper that tears easily en route to the party—wrap your gifts with fabric for a glam and unique appeal! It is unlikely that anyone else will use decorative fabric, which will make your gift memorable and special! That is, unless one of the other paper-laden gifts contains the keys to a brand new Ferrari…in which circumstance, the fabric may be forgotten! You can find a selection of our latest fabrics here.

Wrapping gifts with fabric is easy and chic, just cut to fold around the size of your package and garnish with festive ribbon, bows and other fabric designs! The possibilities are limitless when you unleash your creative side.

Top 3 Tips to Organize Your Sewing Space

Organize Your Sewing RoomImage by: georgiapeachez

Since I was a teen I dreamed of having my own creative space. Somewhere I could go and relax without worrying about making a mess in the dining room, which, by the way, killed my creativity! I wanted the ability of making things to my heart’s content and then just leave it sit if I wanted to. It’s no fun feeling guilty for my creative overflow of fabric scraps, yarn and thread. When I got married and moved in to my turn-of-the-century farmhouse I claimed one of the upstairs rooms as my crafting haven.

Nifty Sewing Notions

Notions MyArtfulLifeimage by MyArtfulLife

Besides the usual assortment of scissors, needles and thread we have quite a few nifty sewing notions for the crafter that might get overlooked. If you like to personalize your projects or add a bit of glamor check out some of my favorite picks below. You might just want to stockpile a few of these to have on hand when a creative surge hits you!

Iron-On Letters: Black

Want to say something on your project? Check out our Iron-On Letters which makes personalizing any project quick and easy. Make a pennant, banner, tote or personalized T-Shirt in a jiffy!