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Cute Summer Fabric Crafts To Kick Off the Season!

For many, the official start of summer is dictated by the date of the solstice which usually occurs during the month of June. For students, the last day of school is often equated in such a way. Yet for others, it is simply Memorial Day.

Originating after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died on the battlefield, over the years Memorial day has become the traditional UN-official start of the summer season for many in the USA. Celebrated by both memorializing lost ones who have served this county well, and by the ritualistic setting up patio furniture and grills in preparation for a weekend of food and fun, the last Monday of May equates to the last day of spring by majority rule as sun children everywhere welcome the summer in!

Ask Netfah: Special Care for Cotton Tube Fabric

jandofabricsDear Netfah,

I recently purchased a cotton jersey knit that came in a tube. Aside from pre-washing, do I need to do anything in particular to the fabric before cutting the pieces into a garment?

~Sandy / Detroit-MI




Dear Sandy,

Once you have pre-washed the fabric to reduce any additional shrinkage, simply cut along one of the folds and steam or press  to remove the fold line. If it won’t press out or if the fold line is unfortunately somewhat faded due to overexposure to light over time, you will want to be mindful to utilize your fabric strategically so as not to reveal any defects on your final garment.

Heat N’ Bond Tips and Tricks

j&o fabrics

Heat N’ Bond adhesive is a strong, paper-backed, iron-on adhesive designed for non sew apparel, craft and home decor projects. It’s solid layer of glue provides plenty of bonding strength, and requires less heat and shorter pressing time than many other fusible web products. With its advanced formula, Heat N’ Bond puts an end to fusible web limitations to provide the craft maker with superior results in a wide range of applications. It is quick, convenient and leaves professional looking results. This being said, we’d like to take a moment to share some additional tips, tricks and uses that are sure to make your Heat N’ Bond experience a successful one!

Super Bowl XLVIII DIY NFL Fleece Tutorial

With NFL Super  Bowl Sunday XLVIII less than a month away,  Seahawks, Patriots, Broncos and 49er fans far and wide are upping the ante and showing what true fans are made of…one craft at a time. For fabric suppliers like J&O Fabrics, these next few weeks leading to the final countdown are as grueling as they are exciting. From making sure our chain of supply and demand is met by our various manufacturers, to personally assisting our valued customers with their unique project needs,  Super Bowl season and all that comes with it can be crazy at time, but it makes it all worth while when our beloved teams win.

Fabric Gift Wrapping Ideas

While wrapping with paper is efficient, fabric gift-wrapping adds a bit more flair and personality! We offer an arsenal of fabrics, from decorative to specialty. Below are some fabric gift wrapping ideas using various approaches to inspire. Please share your own versions with us on J&O Fabrics Facebook page!

Fabric gift wrapping

Wrapping gifts with fabric is simply more fabulous

Choosing a black and white fabric and adding a pop of color is an easy way to create a work of art. There are so many different fabrics featuring black and white, and you can use any color under the sun as the accent shade!

What to do With Those Shoe Boxes!

Why not craft fabric storage boxes using shoe boxes rather than just tossing them out? This is a great way to decorate empty shelving and use up fabric scraps. You can use one fabric on the exterior with a coordinating fabric for the inside of the box. This could also be covered with fabric scraps to form a collage style box. Cover a box with our official NFL fabric for your sports fan!

fabric storage boxes

Cover shoe boxes with fabric to create easy, attractive and affordable home storage!

You will need:

  • Decorative fabrics
  • Grommets

Kiddo Crafts: Decorative Fabric Bowls

Kids love to create, and this is a multi-step craft that will keep the littles absorbed on a rainy day! With just a few items, kids can make decorative fabric bowls. Children love to make handmade gifts for the adults in their lives. They will be proud to give them as gifts to loved ones or keep in their rooms! Find cartoon fabrics, NFL fabrics and anything else under the sun in our online store and stock up for crafting today!

Fabric bowls

Paper mache and fabric bowls are a fun step-by-step craft for kids! 

You will need:

Fabric Bookmark Ideas with a Twist!

Fabric bookmarks are an easy way to add more interest to any read. The traditional rectangular fabric bookmark is likely the first image that comes to mind, but look at the ideas below! Fabric bookmarks can take any shape, form and image and are surprisingly easy to make!

Fabric Bookmark

Fabric bookmark ideas that twist up the traditional rectangle! The photo above shows a cute dress with a patterned fabric for an unexpected approach to the traditional boring bookmark!

Top 5 Fabric Window Décor Ideas

The way a window is adorned can alter the entire look and feel of a space. The best way to accomplish a desired look is with the right fabric and angle. Below are 5 fabric window décor ideas to inspire a new look for each room this season! Begin by envisioning each room and browsing our versatile selection of fabrics online, soon you will know which angle would best suite your style!

fabric window décor

Fabric window treatments can be ultra-modern, whimsical, and everything in between! Pictured above is the fabric roll-down blind, which can be two-toned for added interest.

Decorative Fabric Cork Board Craft

There is no need to overspend on the adorable but pricey cork boards found at department stores. It is easy to make your own personal version with a decorative fabric that you really love for a fraction of the price! This is yet another no-sew project to spruce up your work space and organize in style. Pro-tip: Make several boards with coordinating fabrics and arrange them in a collage on the wall. This will serve as cute décor and a space to pin things besides Pinterest.

Fabric Cork Board Craft

Fabric cork board craft ideas

You will need: