Wipe-Clean Fabric Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

This is not your ordinary fabric cosmetic bag! We all know how messy a cosmetics container can become, so why not make one that can be easily wiped clean? Begin by selecting a few coordinating fabrics from our online fabric store and get started on this super-cute craft.

Fabric cosmetic bag craft

The directions are for this particular tote, though more ideas are shown!

Fabric cosmetic bag craft

No more messes with a wipe-clean makeup tote!

You will need:
• Fabric of choice
• Paint-on outer coat for protection (use your preferred brand or use oilcloth)
• Iron
• Scissors
• Sewing machine or mad hand skills

Suave Suede No-Sew Skirt

I often jab that I am ‘No Martha Stewart’…but this simple no-sew suede skirt tutorial from her website is doable! According to her website, if you can sew a button, you can make this suede skirt. Want to find out? Simply order suede fabric here and get started!

For the neat scalloped edging, they traced an oatmeal canister! Fabulous!

You will need:

• Suede fabric or sturdy fabric such as denim
• 1 ¾ yards total (for a skirt larger than a 7-8, you will need 2 yards of fabric)
• Fabric marker
• 32-ounce oatmeal container for scalloped edges
• Needle
• Thread
• Button

Fleece Blooms to Life: Flower Power Pillows!

Who says fleece can’t get fierce? Check out these fresh fleece flower pillow shapes and ideas ! Stock up on your fleece here and follow these simple steps to make your own bed garden!

The best part: Minimal sewing required…plenty of gooey hot glue fun!

You will need:
• Fleece. ½ yard for each color flower you wish to plant! Pro-tip: Buy a few yards of yellow and green to make the stems and centers for any flower.
• You may opt to use felt, but fleece is a bit softer
• Scissors
• Hot glue gun (Note: if you opt to glue all the petals rather than sew, it may prove challenging to wash!)
• Mr. Singer (or your Brother…machine!)
• Complimentary or matching thread

Something Smells…Good! Scented Sachets Tutorial

Keeping your home smelling fresh and inviting can be a challenge…especially if you have pets. I have a large dog and am therefore consumed in an epic and never-ending battle to douse and destroy all offensive olfactory evidence of his existence…these sachets are part of my arsenal!

The kiddos will enjoy crafting these cute scented bags in a variety of colors, and you can clear out that basket of fabric remnants by using them for accents and embellishments! Begin by selecting your fabric designs in our extensive online fabric store! (Or just come on by, if you live in the area!)