The Vision of Ennis Fabrics Now at J&O

Ennis Vision Fabric

Building A Heritage

From foundational solids from which to build upon, to inspiring patterns that enhance a room, Ennis Fabrics (aka Vision Fabrics) offers a heritage built on an extensive variety of qualities and color options.

Perfect for today’s professional and DIY home décor stylist, the Vision/ Ennis Fabrics design team constantly evaluate new furniture influences to cater to an ever-changing consumer. Their fashion forward, high-value fabrics feature the latest in global trends and innovative fabric design to suite the fluctuating desires of today’s creative consumer.


Ethical Fashions, Peace Silk & Tosheka Designs


Every once and awhile as we conduct research online for  information, new innovations and stories within the textile industry to develop and share with you, we stumble on unique individuals and companies doing interesting and often times fascinating things with fabric around the world. One such company is Tosheka Designs.

The “L” Word…Linen Linothorax

linen linothoraxIn little more than 30 years of life, Alexander III of Macedon – better known today as Alexander the Great – conquered much of the known world of his time, including the mighty Persian empire. He extended the reach of Greek culture further than anyone before him. In his spectacular military victories against often numerically superior forces, Alexander and his armies demonstrated tactical genius that is still analyzed in military academies.