Zig Zag Fabric Bracelet Craft

This is yet another take on a fashionable fabric bracelet, this time in an appealing zigzag overlay! It was created by “Stepping Thr Crazy” and can be re-created easily with any of our fabrics here at J&O! The shape is interesting and a modern print fabric paired with a plain fabric can add a bit of flair to any ensemble! Ready to get started? Select your fabrics in our online fabric store and experience our freaky fast delivery…(sorry, Jimmy Johns).

Fabric bracelet craft

Getting ziggy with it! (All photos by “Stepping Thru Crazy”, a talented crafter!)

Crafty Couture: Pattern for Unisex Kids Shorts

For those crafters out there who delight in creating children’s couture–here is a free pattern for shorts I stumbled upon recently while checking out Tara Miller’s stuff on fabric.com blog! Shop J&O Fabrics and find dozens of cute designs to create your own shorts. Use your intuitive inner design guru to fashion fabric combinations for these cutie pie pants! You may begin by browsing our fabric selection online for inspiration, many of which are on sale!

(All photos by Tara Miller of Fabric.com, one gifted Mom! ) This pattern is called ‘Aiden Appliqued Shorts’

No Sew Notions: Fetching Fabric Wall Storage

Always looking for your keys and other frequently used items? Store them in a pretty easy to find place, like this DIY fabric pocket wall organizer by Yvette of Abernathy Crafts! This simple no sew craft looks great in any room, and is a fun family craft.

This fabric wall organizer craft is by Abernathy Crafts and requires no sewing! Just browse our online fabric store, gather the kiddos around the table and get started!

Fabric Wall Storage

(Photos and idea by Yvette of Abernathy Crafts, a very creative and inspiring crafter!) This attractive addition takes just a few minutes to complete!

Back to School: Roll Up Pencil Totes

It is back to school time once again, and that means supplies and storage! While there is likely to come a day when the pencil is completely erased by the computer in schools, they are still on the teacher’s list right now!

Sharpen your student’s pencil collection with this cute DIY roll up tote! Begin by selecting your fabric here!

You will need:
• An 18-20” wide place mat
• Fabric or fabrics (depending on how fancy you are feeling!)
• Ruler
• Washable marker or…pencil!
• String, ribbon or shoelace

Kids DIY Fabric Necklaces, Bracelets and Accessory Ideas for School

School is back in, and that means new fall fashions are fast approaching! Prepare your little one’s arsenal with these fun and fast silk and ribbon necklaces. Not only are these versatile and attractive, but making them can bring the family together, something that can be rare with a busy school and sports schedule! Get your fabric here and get started!

The best part: your child does not have to know how to sew!

The first step is to select a few fabrics and ribbons that compliment your child’s wardrobe. Moms: Don’t be afraid to make a few for yourself!

DIY Notebook Paper Shirt

Read between the lines with this cute notebook paper inspired shirt by Maybe Matilda! Actually, you could also create a cute A-line skirt with this idea, an A+ back to school project! Find materials and fabrics here and get started!

You will need:
• A white tank, tee or fabric for an A-line skirt (and pattern) Note: This blog is to highlight the cute paper shirt/skirt idea, not a skirt tutorial.
• Fabric tape
• Cardboard or newspaper to work over and save your flooring
• Fabric paint
• Foam brush
• Iron
• Ruler
• Water

Easy Fleece and Ribbon No-Sew Pillow Project (NFL fleece available!)

I stumbled upon this adorable video tutorial by Family Fun that shows how to make an adorable ribbon and fleece pillow promptly! While the time it takes to finish this craft will vary depending on the crafter, the video tutorial is less than 2 minutes in length and makes it look incredibly easy to make this fluffy fleece dream! Grab your fleece fabric here and get started (NFL fleece fabric available)!

Ribbon and Fleece No Sew Pillow

I am not sure about you, but I am already making a mental list of which children will be receiving a special pillow this holiday season! This is such a personal, fast and affordable gift idea.

3-Step No-Sew Lion Pillow Tutorial!

This is a quick and fun family fabric craft with just 3 simple steps! While the photo shown below is a lion (Simba) shared by Family Fun Magazine–you may easily alter the pieces to make another animal or even a bright sunflower. Begin by choosing some soft fleece fabric and let the good times roar!

No sew lion pillow

Photograph by Mark Mantegna of Family Fun Magazine

You will need:
• Fleece fabric. Choose red or maroon and yellow or orange for Simba. You will also need brown fleece and white fleece for the facial expressions and eyes.
• Cotton batting or fiberfill stuffing
• Yarn
• Hot glue
•Pencil and scissors

Creative Kids: Shower Curtain Fabric Bracelets!

I hope the title of this blog confused you enough to read further! Yes, I am going to show you how to make a cute kid’s bracelet using fabric and shower curtain rings! Begin by browsing our online fabric store for the perfect prints and get ready to have some family crafting fun!

shower curtain fabric bracelets

You will need:
• A variety of fabrics, the more the better so that you may mix and match the bracelets
• As many packages of plastic shower rings as needed to accommodate the number of children (Plan for at least 3 bracelets per child to really get the creativity flowing!)
• Decorative ribbons. To be safe, make sure you have all the primary colors on hand.
• Fray check
• Scissors
• Hot glue gun or fabric adhesive

How To: Tee Shirt Pom Poms!

We have seen tee shirt pom poms absolutely everywhere, on Christmas wreaths, clothing, and even canvas bags! Now you can make an array of colorful pom poms of your own using this tutorial! Tip: You can make poms out of tee shirts or fabric. If you prefer to use a decorative print for yours, click here for our online fabric store.

Pom pom crafts

You will need:
• Tee shirt or fabric
• Cardboard
• Scissors
• Seam stripper
• Patience

Make 2 carboard cuts like this

Stacking them like so