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J&O Fabrics Colorful Craft Ideas for the 2018 Spring Season

As we slowly transition into a spring season that seems to finally be here stay for a few, we find ourselves mimicking nature’s shedding of muted winter colors in exchange of an array of vibrant shades reflective of those found in Mother Nature’s vibrant prism. In celebration of the spectrum of light vibrations that brings us an amazing palate of blue, red, orange, yellow, and green for our imagination to play with, J&O Fabrics offers a few colorful craft ideas along with a selection of choice fabrics from our shelves to fulfill your creative mood.


Celebrating Black History Month Through African Fabric

As we celebrate Black History Month and the invaluable contributions of African-Americans in areas of technology, entertainment, science, mathematics and the arts, we are reminded of their traditional roots in African textiles as well. From their textured bogolani (mudcloth), colorful kente and richly colored indigo fabrics, to their Nigerian Lace, East African Kitenge and Egyptian cotton, African fabrics were hand-woven, painted, and dyed in tradition and meaning that sustains itself today. As well, we celebrate the symbolic Adinkra symbols of West Africa, storytelling wovens of Ghana, and abstract geometric shapes of the continent itself that can be found on printed cottons in many of our fabric stores and infused into the latest fashions.

Cute Summer Fabric Crafts To Kick Off the Season!

For many, the official start of summer is dictated by the date of the solstice which usually occurs during the month of June. For students, the last day of school is often equated in such a way. Yet for others, it is simply Memorial Day.

Originating after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died on the battlefield, over the years Memorial day has become the traditional UN-official start of the summer season for many in the USA. Celebrated by both memorializing lost ones who have served this county well, and by the ritualistic setting up patio furniture and grills in preparation for a weekend of food and fun, the last Monday of May equates to the last day of spring by majority rule as sun children everywhere welcome the summer in!

Ask Netfah: DIY Pillow Problem Solved

jandofabrics, simply, netfahDear Netfah,

I am teaching my little girls the basics of pillow making but have always struggled myself with stitching an enclosed seam so that the pillow corners will be square and filled out. Any advice?



~Pillow Project Problems, W’Boro-NJ



Dear Pillow Project Problems,

Kiddo Crafts: Decorative Fabric Bowls

Kids love to create, and this is a multi-step craft that will keep the littles absorbed on a rainy day! With just a few items, kids can make decorative fabric bowls. Children love to make handmade gifts for the adults in their lives. They will be proud to give them as gifts to loved ones or keep in their rooms! Find cartoon fabrics, NFL fabrics and anything else under the sun in our online store and stock up for crafting today!

Fabric bowls

Paper mache and fabric bowls are a fun step-by-step craft for kids! 

You will need:

Felt Fabric Tooth Fairy Pocket

The days of loose teeth getting loose are gone with this handy Tooth Fairy pocket! Simple felt fabric makes a perfect storage satchel for a child’s tooth, just stow it under the pillow and replace the tooth with the loot!

Tooth Fairy Pocket

Finally, a tooth keeper for the Tooth Fairy ritual! No more fears about teeny tiny teeth going missing in the bed! 

You will need:

  • To believe in the Tooth Fairy
  • Some bright felt fabrics from J&O Fabrics
  • Wool felt in Ecru
  • Embroidery thread in ivory or white
  • Embroidery thread to match your felt

Kick The Bucket—Tutorial to Transform Trash Bins into Works of Art

Who says a trash bucket must look trashy? This decidedly transformed trash receptacle is quite cute, and easy to recreate! You do not even have to know how to sew to make your own, just grab some Mod Podge and fabric from J&O, and you are ready to go!

Fabric Trash Can

Many crafters do not sew, but still manage to create amazing pieces. Sewing is certainly not a prerequisite to fabric crafts; you may be thrilled to know!

Absolutely Adorable Snowman Craft—Just Add Fabric!

Check out this adorable approach to a permanent snowman craft (By Linda of CraftaholicsAnonymous)! Just imagine the possibilities and alterations you could add to this easy family craft. It seems that the most important part of this little flurry is the fabric scarf around the neck, so choose a variety of decorative fabrics and make a dozen of these cuties for your friends and family this holiday season!

Snowman craft

Photo by–very crafty people!

Zig Zag Fabric Bracelet Craft

This is yet another take on a fashionable fabric bracelet, this time in an appealing zigzag overlay! It was created by “Stepping Thr Crazy” and can be re-created easily with any of our fabrics here at J&O! The shape is interesting and a modern print fabric paired with a plain fabric can add a bit of flair to any ensemble! Ready to get started? Select your fabrics in our online fabric store and experience our freaky fast delivery…(sorry, Jimmy Johns).

Fabric bracelet craft

Getting ziggy with it! (All photos by “Stepping Thru Crazy”, a talented crafter!)

Crafty Couture: Pattern for Unisex Kids Shorts

For those crafters out there who delight in creating children’s couture–here is a free pattern for shorts I stumbled upon recently while checking out Tara Miller’s stuff on blog! Shop J&O Fabrics and find dozens of cute designs to create your own shorts. Use your intuitive inner design guru to fashion fabric combinations for these cutie pie pants! You may begin by browsing our fabric selection online for inspiration, many of which are on sale!

(All photos by Tara Miller of, one gifted Mom! ) This pattern is called ‘Aiden Appliqued Shorts’