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J&O Fabrics Outdoor Fabric Guide


With the summer season officially here, time to put procrastinating aside and start pulling out those patio cushions, polishing up table tops and dusting off umbrellas in preparation for outdoor entertaining,  fun in the sun, or simply relaxing poolside in the shade.

For many, this process will look more like an arduous chore  rather than a easy task as the winter hibernation season seemed to drag on forever. And if your beautiful cushions weren’t packed up properly, you could be in store for some cleaning and revamping ahead of you. Worse case scenario, you’ll find yourself tossing the old for the new…. DIY or BUY style. Best case, with a little help from J&O fabrics, you’ll find just the right tips, tricks and fabulous fabrics to make your dreams of your backyard living space come true!

J&O Crafty Customer: Nydia’s Creations


mini apron / bag sets


It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of raw talent and creativity that exists in all of us. Yes, all of us. To one degree or another, whether nurtured 110% or simply left to play with now and again, the ever flowing creations that our imagination manifests into this reality reflect the power of the mind in truly amazing ways indeed.

Ask Netfah: DIY Tips For Cutting Foam Padding.

Dear Netfah,

I am somewhat on a budget yet need to replace the cushion on one of my living room chairs that my husbands’ 93 year old mother has decided to call home over the past year. The job seems simple enough and would save me some money, but a few pointers are needed if you wouldn’t mind. I guess an idea of what to cut with would be a start. Heard scissors would suffice, but I am looking to purchase a 4 or 5″ thick foam padding. Any suggestions?

~ signed Fugal Female


Category Of The Month: African Fabric

Widely appreciated for their craftsmanship and vibrant colors, the textile and designs of African fabric often create the kind of appeal that inspires breathtaking traditional garments,  eclectic home  decor, memorable celebratory events  and more. From waxed metallic cottons most popular in Nigeria and other West African countries, to traditional Kente from Ghana and Bogolanfini mud cloth from Mali, the creative uses offer a multitude of options to satisfying an array of project needs not only for special occasions, but everyday use as well.

Fabric Tips: Easy Ways to Stretch Your Budget

Decorating with fabric is a rewarding experience with a huge payoff! The following fabric tips will help you to keep creating while sticking to your budget. Fabric is a lifelong passion, and you can continuously redecorate on a budget if you stretch your imagination and your fabric.

fabric tips

Now you do not have to forgo this season’s great fabrics—just use smaller amounts of them in moderation! These fabric décor tips will save you money while keeping your space fresh!


Fabric tips for stretching your budget while getting the most punch include:

Ways to Use Bold Fabric Prints Discreetly

There are so many uses for bold fabric prints, and there are even ways to tone them down. If you love a particular print but are afraid it may overwhelm your space–try the following tips to better blend the fabric!

Bold Fabric Prints

It can be tricky to decorate with bold fabric prints without overwhelming the room. This is especially true with smaller spaces

Ways to introduce a bold print fabric into a room without it stealing the show:

Chalk it up to the Amazing Magnetic Wall!

More than just fabric comes into play when designing a playful children’s room. The walls are the bare bones of the room, setting the tone for not only color, but functionality as well. There following two tricks are trendy and allow for much versatility in a child’s room: Specialty paints like chalkboard  magnetic wall paint. Pair the two for the ultimate in playroom pizzazz! (And find the perfect fabric curtains, of course!).

Specialty paints

Special types of wall paint to inspire creativity in several spaces, from a child’s room to the home office 

Magnetic paint

Get Glam with Affordable Vintage Fabric Options!

The right vintage fabric can create instant pizzazz in any room of the house. Try the following suggestions when redecorating your living space–all affordable vintage fabrics are available from J&O Fabrics!

Get inspired with the following discount vintage fabrics for your next fabric refresh:

Affordable Vintage Fabric

Striped Garden Vintage Fabric (Product ID: vint36150)

This is a great mauve and dusty rose fabric. This print features delicate flowers, dewdrops and leaves paired with parallel stripes. It is printed on a medium weight 100% cotton, making it important to wash and press prior to crafting. This fabric is ideal for custom drapery, table dressings, decorative throw pillows and other home accent pieces.

Inspirations for Do-It-Yourself Felt Fabric Pillows

Changing up the decorative throw pillows on the sofas and in the bedrooms every few months is an easy and fun way to keep your environment fresh. Fabric is so easy to use to change things up, like these five ideas for felt fabric pillows.

We found the following pillow designs on Pinterest and they can all be easily re-created with your own choice of decorative fabrics, felt fabrics and more from J&O:

felt fabric pillows

Top 3 Unexpected Spots to Decorate with Fabric

Fabric is expected in certain places around the home. The following three fabric décor ideas are all-to-often forgotten, and they look fabulous! Just a small amount of fabric in unexpected areas can really make a space. Not only does it look great, but also doing it yourself is the most affordable avenue to home décor. Use these tips to decorate with fabric this and every season.

Decorating with fabric in eye-catching spots helps to transform any room in the house. Show your creative side when you choose coordinating fabrics and place them in great places!

decorate with fabric

Fabric furniture upholstery