Celebrate The New Year with Fabric!

Ring in the New Year with new fabric! Check out these great novelty fabrics featuring beautiful shrubs and trees which are perfect for quilting and other craft projects!

Berry Birdy Garden Novelty Fabric

One of the best reasons to plant trees is not only to provide a wind break and shade but also a home for feathered friends. Cardinals, blue jays, sparrows, and orioles are seen resting among the limbs and leaves of our Berry Birdy Garden print! Use this fabric for table linens and coordinating kitchen accessories like hot pads and oven mitts!

Deers and Acorns Allover Flannel

Absolutely Adorable Snowman Craft—Just Add Fabric!

Check out this adorable approach to a permanent snowman craft (By Linda of CraftaholicsAnonymous)! Just imagine the possibilities and alterations you could add to this easy family craft. It seems that the most important part of this little flurry is the fabric scarf around the neck, so choose a variety of decorative fabrics and make a dozen of these cuties for your friends and family this holiday season!

Snowman craft

Photo by CrafaholicsAnonymous.net–very crafty people!

Winter Fabric Wreath Ideas and Inspirations

So did it make you cringe to see the word ‘Winter’ in the headline? Fear not—these fabric winter wreath ideas will take a bit off the chill off and add some warmth to your home! This year, I am loving the ice blue– it is a bold and bright hue in an otherwise drab time of year! It is important to surround yourself with bright colors during the long grey months of winter, find your favorite color combinations in our online fabric store and get started on your winter wreath this instant! (After you make a mammoth mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows, that is!).

Festive Holiday Fabric Garland

The holidays are busy enough with shopping and stressing, so here is a craft that will brighten up your home without taking up too much of your time! This festive holiday fabric garland uses a great fusing technique that forms a double-sided sturdy garland that will not fall apart at the edges. Begin by selecting your holiday fabric in our online fabric store and get started! (It will arrive on your doorstep freaky fast). See some recommended festive fabrics from J&O at bottom of post!

Holiday fabric garland

We love this design, photo and garland by Lazy Girl Designs

No Sew Décor–Table Runner

Jazzing up the dining room has never been easier, just choose your favorite new fabrics and make some eye-catching table runners! With the simplicity level of this project, you can easily make a runner for each holiday, season or mood! Pro-tip: These make a great gift idea! Find more holiday craft inspiration here.

Transform that table with color, shape and texture!

You will need:
• A yard or two of your favorite J&O fabrics
• Pinking sheers
• Ruler
• Hot glue
• Decorative buttons, fabric flowers and ribbon for embellishments

A New Year’s Message From J&O Fabrics.

2008 began a whole new cycle according to the Chinese Astrological Calendar. It was the year and the time for planting the seeds for the next twelve years, assessing our dreams and goals, and asking ourselves some really hard questions about what we want and who we want it with. The year of the Rat required us to look ourselves in the mirror, breathe a deep breath, and take those calculated steps forward without looking back. And that we did.

Bring In The New Year In Style!

When we think of New Year’s, parties and celebrations come to mind. The next thought is how to decorate your home and bodies for these events. This can be a fun yet challenging process, but it doesn’t have to cause your hair to fall out or your veins to pop. With a little help from J&O, the perfect fabric for the perfect New Years’ gathering or garment can be easily and effortlessly found and put to use. With our vast selection of dress fabrics and novelty prints, you and your shim-dig will come off with a BANG!

If your looking for fabric to decorate your home or office, check our holiday cotton novelty section. Here you will be able to peruse through our party, mardi gra and 4th of July categories. Each one offers an array of celebratory fabrics that will capture what your imagination is brewing. Select wonderful material to garnish your holiday spread, dress your windows or trim your furnishings. Images of fireworks, party beads and masqueraders compete with party balloons, hearts and stars for your attention. Even our decorative and upholstery sections can offer a taste of festivity with our sheers and retro prints. When it comes to reflective prints and designs for the New Years ’, only the sky’s the limit, so if you can’t decide on one, just order them all!