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J&O Fabrics Colorful Craft Ideas for the 2018 Spring Season

As we slowly transition into a spring season that seems to finally be here stay for a few, we find ourselves mimicking nature’s shedding of muted winter colors in exchange of an array of vibrant shades reflective of those found in Mother Nature’s vibrant prism. In celebration of the spectrum of light vibrations that brings us an amazing palate of blue, red, orange, yellow, and green for our imagination to play with, J&O Fabrics offers a few colorful craft ideas along with a selection of choice fabrics from our shelves to fulfill your creative mood.


50 Scrap Fabric Crafts For Rems Reborn Again

jandofabrics scrap fabric crafts


Instead of tossing your tiny fabric scraps or hoarding your size-able rems until who-knows-when, why not decide to play your part in assisting in the Earth Day recycling efforts by pulling them out, sorting, and inspecting them for quality and usability in a scrap fabric craft project.

J&O Celebrates National Keep Kids Creative Week 2014


Celebrated the last week of September,  National Keep Kids Creative Week was started in the fall of 2003 by illustrator and author Bruce Van Patter. Bruce created National Keep Kids Creative Week to encourage kids to use their ideas and imaginings instead of relying on video games and television to do it for them. Once word got around, teachers began to celebrate it in their classrooms and since 2006, KKCW (Keep Kids Creative Week) has been listed in Chase’s Calendar of Events, a high-profile, national directory of holidays and celebrations.

Cute Summer Fabric Crafts To Kick Off the Season!

For many, the official start of summer is dictated by the date of the solstice which usually occurs during the month of June. For students, the last day of school is often equated in such a way. Yet for others, it is simply Memorial Day.

Originating after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died on the battlefield, over the years Memorial day has become the traditional UN-official start of the summer season for many in the USA. Celebrated by both memorializing lost ones who have served this county well, and by the ritualistic setting up patio furniture and grills in preparation for a weekend of food and fun, the last Monday of May equates to the last day of spring by majority rule as sun children everywhere welcome the summer in!

DIY Cornhole Toss Tutorial

jandofabricsPlayed mostly at football games and as a form of competitive recreation, Cornhole, also known as corn toss, bean toss, or bag toss, is a lawn game where players take turns throwing bags of corn (or beans) at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. The objective is to get the bag in the hole until the individual or team reaches 21 points. The first one to get there wins.

Fabric Craft: Child’s Apron Using a Tee Shirt as Pattern

Kids love to have their own special apron for helping out in the kitchen, both boys and girls! This tutorial will show you how to create a pattern for a child’s apron using one of their t-shirts! Begin by choosing a fabric from J&O, we recommend the NFL fabrics for the boys!

Child's apron

Cute idea: use your child’s t-shirt to create a pattern for an apron. (Photo by Happy Grandma Projects)

You will need:

  • 1 yard for main fabric
  • ½ yard for coordinating fabric
  • Fitted child’s tee

Fabric Bookmark Ideas with a Twist!

Fabric bookmarks are an easy way to add more interest to any read. The traditional rectangular fabric bookmark is likely the first image that comes to mind, but look at the ideas below! Fabric bookmarks can take any shape, form and image and are surprisingly easy to make!

Fabric Bookmark

Fabric bookmark ideas that twist up the traditional rectangle! The photo above shows a cute dress with a patterned fabric for an unexpected approach to the traditional boring bookmark!

Felt Easter Egg Craft for Kids

These felt Easter eggs are a bright touch to hang around the house for the holiday! Our felt fabric comes in a variety of colors and is always a hit to use for kids crafts. Find decorative buttons and thread at your favorite crafting outlet, grab some soft felt fabrics from J&O and get ready to leave these cute eggs for the Easter Bunny this year!

Felt Easter Egg

You will need:

  • Bright and cheerful felt fabrics from your friends at J&O!
  • Assorted buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Coordinating or contrasting thread
  • Fiberfil or preferred cotton stuffing

Easter Bow Tie Fabrics and Tips

Here is an adorable idea for your dapper little man this weekend: An Easter bow tie! This versatile fabric craft could also double as a headband bow for a little girl. Either way you sew it, your little one will steal the show this holiday when the relatives gather! Find your favorite fabrics in our online store!

Easter bow tie

Adorable fabric bow tie for boys or headband for girls!

You will need:

  • Fabric (or fabrics for multiple bows!). A 6”x20” strip will do the trick
  • Coordinating thread
  • Interfacing (medium to heavy, a 4”x15” strip)
  • Velcro

Felt Flash Cards Craft

Learning is easy and fun with these felt flash cards! Easy to make and great for children, just grab some felt or fleece fabric from J&O and add this to your arsenal of at-home learning tools!

Felt fabric flash cards

You can make these felt fabric learning cards in a flash!

You will need: (for a set of 16)

  • ½ yard of felt fabric for the bases, and more colors for the letters and numbers.
  • 16 large eyelets or grommets
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Large metal ring (2.5”)

Felt fabric flash cards

What to do: