J&O Crafty Customer: Roxanne Ojeda of Retro Roxy

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Over a week ago we put out a call to our Facebook family to send us pics of their most creative Valentine’s Day crafts, but to much of our surprise, Cupid’s arrow didn’t seem to strike the hearts of many, and so our campaign narrowed down to ONE.

Roxanne Ojeda of Retro Roxy submitted one of her Valentines themed retro styled pin up girl aprons designed with eXtra special dinner plans in mind. Flouncy skirts and ruffled fold down smock  in assorted complimentary prints and color palate make her creations uniquely distinguishable among the rest. When not making custom aprons and specialty crafts for admirers, her smoke-free, pet-free, pattern-free environment sets the backdrop for a lot of quirky, retro styled creations to flow thru in a very organic way.

Fabric Takeout Utensil Holder

This easy fabric utensil holder is a cute idea for storing bamboo cutlery on-the-go! For those of you who dine out frequently, lunch breaks can be hectic. This is a good way to avoid forgetting to grab a plastic spoon on the run and also perhaps some germs. Just find your favorite fabric from our vast inventory of decorative styles and make your own version today, your colleagues will be intrigued!

fabric utensil holder

Never end up without utensils again—cute fabric cutlery holder stores easily in handbag

You will need:

  • Coordinating fabrics (2 styles. Think polka dots and stripes, etc.)

Sweet Treats for Fabric Lovers

Chocolate Bon Bons img by hozinjaimage by hozinja

If you are a crafter like me just the sight of fabric makes you weak at the knees. If I have a little extra spending money in my pocket there are two things I like to splurge on and that’s a sweet treat and fabric! So, it only seems logical that we would combine the two into irresistible eye-candy as a sweet treat for  fabric lovers. Our novelty fabric selection features several  mouthwatering prints that are sure to tempt!

Brain Freeze Ice Cream Novelty Fabric

Revisit Diners and Drive-Ins

American Diner

Summer, drive-ins and diners just seem to go together. It’s a fact that Americans have been in love with the drive-in restaurant since it’s inception. Afterall, who can resist pulling your car up to the menu, ordering a couple malts and a burger without leaving the comfort of the vehicle or missing your favorite song on the radio?

In the small towns were I grew up, mom and pop diners were the place to go for  home style fare that was finger-licking good. While we waited for our french fries, barbecue chicken and apple pie we’d pop a quarter in the jukebox. Once the food arrived we were elbow deep in barbecue sauce and napkins, but it was oh so good.

Picnic Prints!

Now that the weather is warm it is time to fire up the grill and pack up the picnic basket. Eating outdoors at a park or by a lake this time of year is so refreshing. You just can’t beat the beautiful weather, not to mention having a place for the kids to run off all their energy. It’s not hard to see why picnics are such an iconic summer activity.

After years of use, spills and stains it’s probably about time to update your linens and blankets. We carry a great selection of prints that are perfect for your next picnic, including some classy outdoor fabric!

Vegetable Novelty Prints for the Gardener


Seems to me that I’ve meet several people who sew and are passionate gardeners too. Often the two seem to go mysteriously hand-in-hand. Perhaps it’s a love of color and beauty that makes creatives yearn to not only beautify their living quarters but everything around them. Gardening brings the beauty of the outdoors into our kitchens and in-turn our dinner table. So, if you’re a fan of veggies and fabric have I got news for you! We offer vegetable novelty prints for the gardener!


Make Your Summer a Lasting Memory with J&O!

With the lazy, hazy dayz of summer slowly approaching, thoughts of laid back days along exotic umbrella covered beaches, long Sunday drives in your drop top convertible, and majestic sunsets that never seem to end come to mind. But the one symbol of summer that has withstood the test of time as one of the most nostalgic memories of the season is the infamous back yard BBQ.