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Ruth Carter’s Wakanda Wonderland

When I went to see Marvel’s Black Panther  movie, I went with a mission…. to see and be inspired by Ruth Carter’s creative manifestation of  Marvel Studio’s  artistic concepts in all its masterful glory.  I was not disappointed. From the alluring grandiosity of Zulu-inspired headpieces worn by Wakanda’s queen mother Ramonda (Angela Bassett) and the eye-poppingly ornate armor adorned with chevron print worn by the all-female based warriors, to Nakia’s (Lupita Nyongo) sumptuously textured, kente cloth-inspired green gown that seemed to mold to her form, the creative collaboration of both visionaries left theater goers in awe and aspiring designers wanting more from Ruth.

Inexpensive Ways To Make Posh Princess Gear

J&O Fabrics Disney Princess courtesy of The Walt Disney Company

I don’t think I have ever met a little girl who didn’t dream about being a princess. As a result, there is a high demand for cool princess gear online to help them live out their dreams. The items listed below, courtesy of, are some of the most decadent princess items that the internet has to offer to the little princesses of the world. While these are great to look at, they are not as easy to obtain; it isn’t cheap being royalty! I know I certainly couldn’t afford the items below for my little one, which is why I would look at them for inspiration! It’s free and it pushes the craftiest of us to create something just as beautiful for significantly less.

What Santa’s Outfit Is Made Of

J&O Santa Costume

Santa has an iconic look to say the least. He can be recognized all over the world by his characteristic hat, boots, jacket, pants, and of course, his fluffy white beard. This Christmas season we sat down and really thought about what went into putting together that outfit when Mrs. Claus first sewed it hundreds of years ago.

Faux Fur

J&O Fabrics Announces Winner of ‘Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest’!

What a selection of creative costumes our facebook fans have had the pleasure of viewing and judging these last two weeks! Over a month ago we started with sixteen Halloween costume entries that made it into the 3rd Annual J&O Fabrics ‘ Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest ‘ voting bracket, and after all was send and done, we ended with four. Check them out below!


1st Place Winner: Dorthy Lafferty's Fox




After spending upwards of two hundred dollars on a shiny new Iphone 4S, the last thing that you want is for it to get scratched or cracked. As careful as you may be with your electronics, accidents happen. That is why we compiled a list of our top five favorite Iphone 4S cases that use fabric to act as a soft but durable buffer between your new phone and the ground.


#1: Iphone 4/ 4S Horizontal Hipster


Crazy Costume Creations

jandoelaboratecostumesgroup Every year, we at J&O get over excited for Halloween. It is the one time of year when we can galavant around in crazy get-ups that we create from off the wall fabric. However, every year when we are looking for inspiration, it is always hard to find somewhere to begin. That is why we have compiled this group of photos to glean inspiration from. After all, when it comes to Halloween costumes, the bigger and bolder, the better.


Princess and Prince Charming



The Magical World Of Fabric

July 15th marks the end of a magical era. Since June 30, 1997, the world has been discovering the fantastical universe of Harry Potter as written by author J. K. Rowling. What better way to send off the series in style than to sport some gear from the movies? Here are some ideas for costumes that you can make at home to avoid the high cost of buying costumes from online.

This Hedwig costume could easily be put together with a few strips of fur fabric on top of an existing white hoodie.



Solving A Hairy Situation

In this age of advanced technology, very little is as it seems. Tiny Ipods that look as though they should only hold a hundred songs can hold thousands, photo editing software enables users to change everything about someone’s appearance from their hair color to what they are wearing. The fabric industry is not exempt from this confusion.

Faux fur and leather came back in style with the green movement and the fashion forward refused to be seen in anything but the most accurate imitation wear.  The result of this demand was that new and better faux fur and faux leather were introduced to the market. The only issue is, these fabrics are so similar to their prototypes, it is now next to impossible to tell what is real, and what is fake.J&O Faux Fur Fashion